Trump Fires Tillerson: Is Race A Factor?

By Ikenga Chronicles March 13, 2018

Trump Fires Tillerson: Is Race A Factor?

— Vitus Ozoke

Recall that Rex Tillerson on July 22, 2017, called Donald Trump a fucking moron. But that was not enough to fire him.

As Secretary of State, Tillerson travelled to several countries, but was never fired. But just last week, Tillerson embarked on a five-nation tour of Africa, a trip he was forced to cut short to return to Washington– to be fired. Is it me or is there a possible link that connects Donald Trump’s ‘Nigerians live in huts’, ‘Africa is a shithole’, Tillerson’s trip to Africa, and him being fired by Donald Trump? Look, if it quacks like a duck, it is probably a duck. And if he races like a racist, he is probably a racist.

When the dust of this whole stunt settles, we need to know why Rex Tillerson was fired upon his return from Africa. Don’t forget that Donald Trump has neither visited nor scheduled any visits to Africa himself.

If Tillerson survived calling Donald Trump a fucking moron, only to be fired upon his return from a five-nation Africa tour, what role did racism play in that decision? How much of Tillerson firing is about Donald Trump’s pathological hate for Africa and Africans? We need to know.