Toyosi Finally Opens Up On Why She Abandoned Jenifa’s Diary

By Ikenga Chronicles June 25, 2017

Toyosi Finally Opens Up On Why She Abandoned Jenifa’s Diary

Popular TV series, Jenifa’s Diary has been the TV series of the moment following the relief, smiles it brings to the followers and the subtle lessons learnt from the various roles.

However, some characters have ensured this effects on the viewers. Aside the major characters, Funke Akindele, known as ‘Jenifer’ characters like Juliana Olayode also known as “Toyosi” and called by Jennifer as ‘Toyor Baby’” made their way into the hearts of the viewers and were dearly loved.

Only a few months ago, it was discovered that Toyosi has been left out of the popular series and many got furious about it. Neither she nor Jenifer opened up on what the issue really is or what transpired between them but the fans of Jenifer’s Diary suspected that the relationship between both actors had gone sour.

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Soon after the pressure became high from her fans, she was forced to give an account of her relationship with Jenifer with a long post on her website.

A part of the post reads, “I lived with Aunty Funke while set was on, so I counted it my duty to clean the house. She lived in a duplex at Chevron at that time, so I cleaned the entire house. Sweeping and mopping from room to room. Scrubbing bathroom after bathroom. I arranged wardrobe after wardrobe, laid one bed after another. You would not know any of these if I am not saying this. I did all this with joy. She was special to me and you serve those you love.”

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When Sunday Scoop contacted, after her post, she again refused to comment on what actually transpired. She simply said, “I have said all I have to say on my website. I don’t have anything more to say beyond that. I still respect Aunty Funke and I will always do because she impacted my life in a positive manner.”

Meanwhile, followers of the TV series expressed displeasure at her disengagement from Jenifer’s diary and are still not convinced that all is well between the two actresses despite her claim.

The producer and major character, Jenifer has also refused to give her own account of the story.