Towards A Muslim Bar?

By Ikenga Chronicles July 10, 2018

Towards A Muslim Bar?

Paschal Nwosu

The nod has been given for Muslim women to wear a mini hijab at the upcoming call to the Bar this month at Abuja. Some think it is a set back for women and it appears not unlikely, that very soon, some may seek to be fully robed in Hijab as advocates in proceedings within and outside the courts.

That fear is palpable.

The legal profession has been infiltrated by radical views and individuals and has become deeply politicised.
The quest for the implementation of a full sharia has gained another step in a seeming affront on the conservatism of the legal profession.

We recall the refusal of the Law School, in recent past to call to the Bar, a lady cloaked in hijab.

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I have nothing against Muslims choosing to abide by the tenets of their religion in view of the constitutional provisions for religious freedom: I am a friend of the faith.I believe that every human being must submit to the will of Allah!

Some however think that these developments are shocking.

Perhaps there is the need to further create a Muslim Bar as a judge has to improvise new skills to understand the demeanour of counsels and witnesses garbed in hijabs.

Now what happens if a witness refuses to be derobed off a full hijab in a witness box?

We are coming to that. Soon.

Better still, new legislations may be required to modify the appearances of witnesses and counsels and or perhaps create a Muslim Bar to avoid the impending tensions in our profession.

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I share equally the wiggish libertarianism of the English alongside the need for religious freedom with the added apprehension of what that may portend for the future of the profession now fully divided, politicised, and badly led!

Muslims have a right to their way of life which may create a dam break and a strange chasm of intolerance amongst non-Muslims.

Everyday we find new ways to make peaceful co-existence impossible in Nigeria.

Why now? Why are all these extremism recurring under the Buhari adminstration?

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What is at fore is that predominantly, most Muslims are not in support of this development. We should put our country first and the sanctity of its secular independence.

But then there is the need for religious freedom which must be followed at aggravated cost to who we are.

Now Christians are worried.