Top 10 MMM Jokes

By Ikenga Chronicles October 25, 2016

Top 10 MMM Jokes

You’ve all heard of the Mavrodi Mundial Movement (MMM) stories. In spite of the fears, it is still striving, paying people, while more are still adding to the community, in spite of the many tales of it getting banned, or crashing.

There have been a thousand articles, arguments, and counters for and against the movement. Below, we present 10 of the top jokes from blogs.

  1. You say MMM is robbing Peter to pay Paul. Oga, did Peter complain to you?’
  2. You will be surprised that the person that edited this article just paid his child’s school fees with MMM money.
  3. You call MMM a Ponzi scheme and a fraud. Is there any Ponzi scheme worse than the APC?
  4. You say MMM is illegal. You say it is not registered. Dangote that has lost more than $7 billion, was it also from MMM? Are his businesses not registered in Nigeria?
  5. You say MMM is other people’s money. Oya na. If you don’t want other people’s money, take all your money from the banks and keep them at home. Olodo! See as your head open like Maiduguri.
  6. Anyone that is against MMM is against the the unity of Nigeria. It is only MMM that can make a Hausa man to send money to an Igbo man that he does not even know.
  7. I completed my father’s house, paid my school fees, bought my car, yet someone says MMM is scam. Please, scam me more!
  8. All these writers saying MMM is for lazy people, but all they do is CTRL C CTRL V. Same thing everyday. Who is lazier?
  9. MMM will crash like the second coming of Christ. Unannounced, and there will be moaning and wailing in the land.
  10. Nigeria’s Bank acct = #20,000End of the month balance =#19,993.58

    MMM account = #20,000

    End of the month balance = #26,669.35 + $20 all =#34,000.



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