Today We Buried The Truth

By Ikenga Chronicles February 5, 2018

Today We Buried The Truth

— Uche Anyanwagu 

We buried the truth
In exchange for blatant lies and deceit.
For a man sojourned our political space
His head unbent,
His principles uncompromised.

We buried principles,
And resurrected mediocre ones.
For there was a man
Who valued his principles
Above his many privileges.

We buried integrity…
And exalted those who claim to be
For there was once a man among us
Who stuck to what was right and upright
Sound, moral, honest, and incorruptible

We buried our best,
To stare at our ills, misfits, and mischief
Our finest Architect, Educationist, Lawyer, Town planner
Our best politician left us in cold at the peak of falls
To answer the call of calls

We buried Dr Alex Ekwueme,
And were left with men bereft of all he and his vintage were
The land of Okpara, Ibiam, Zik, Ojukwu, Achebe
Is now in dearth–now in search!
Yes! Because today, we buried Alex Ekwueme


  • Sleep on Dr Alex Ifeanyichukwu Ekwueme! Ide Oko! Ide Aguata! G-34! Jee ije gi nke oma, my mentor!