To The Man I Once Loved

By Ikenga Chronicles February 13, 2018

To The Man I Once Loved

–Eno Sam

I can’t keep this love story to myself. I guess you have fallen in love before so don’t wrinkle your brows at me because I chose to make this public.

I met him years ago and trust me, he had all it takes for any lady to fall for. He was so special because I had never felt that way for anyone else. The first day we talked was so amazing. I could call him a thousand and one times just to talk with him and he never made me feel I was disturbing him. I guess he loved me too.

But our conversation started becoming really boring, my love for him began to get sour, I barely called him like I used to, I just couldn’t feel the burning love I had for him, he seemed like a stranger to me. Are you guessing something went wrong? Yes! I met this new guy who stole my attention from him. But I still felt a vacuum in my heart. I felt incomplete.

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One day, I summoned courage to call him again after a long time and to my greatest surprise, he answered me like he had been dying to hear from me. It seemed he had missed me badly but was only waiting for me to call. That moment, I realised that he loved me more than I did.

You know that burning excitement you felt when you newly fell in love with Jesus. That time you just gave your life to Him and you couldn’t stay a day without talking to him via prayers, reading his word or attending services? Now you got distracted, someone else stole your attention such that He now looks like a total stranger to you? While you are carried away with the new distraction, He is waiting for you to come back.

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Can I shock you?

No one can ever love you like Jesus does. He gave His life for you (John 3 :16). Go back to your first love, His arms are wide open waiting to receive you.

And if you have never fallen in love with Him in your life, please do so tonight. It doesn’t matter how far you are away from him. WALK TO HIM!