To my Lover, If I Never See you Again

By Ikenga Chronicles February 18, 2017

I want to see you every minute,
every day.
But the chances are
I might never see you again.

And if I never see you again,
I want you to know that your absence
won’t stop my love for you,
or cut our flow of connection.

Only the physical death of my body
can end what I feel for you.
And, even when I die,
my bones shall dance in their grave
when they hear your voice.

If I never see you again,
know that every time I looked at you,
I saw the rest of my life.

If I never see you again,
I will keep seeing you in front of me,
I will keep on breathing you…
feeling you…
communing with you…

Know that your existence
has transcended love
and has tamed my soul.
It has turned me into a wanderer,
forever seeking “you.”

If I never see you again,
know that I’ll see you again
because I can’t help but feeling
that your life will one day merge with mine.

Our souls have already merged…
union has already taken place…
and because of this,
I don’t need you physically present with me.

Because of this I let you go.
I let you go knowing
you’ll always return
to drink from the well of my love.

 I have endless water for you.

With me, you will never be thirsty…
never hungry…
for I’ll feed you from myself.

If I never see you again,
call my name and I shall answer back,
think of me and you’ll find me beside you.

I am the sun casting my light upon you,
I am the moon lighting your way at night.

If I never see you again,
know that…


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