Title and the Nigerian ‘Religious’ Personnel

By Ikenga Chronicles June 20, 2018

— By Onyemaechi Ogbunwezeh

If you want to see a symptom of the decay of the Nigerian society, it is the fact that many religious leaders, who are perceived to be leaders of thought and truth-bearers; are inveterate liars; living lies as lives.

One area this is scandalously visible is in the titles, many of our Pastors arrogate to themselves.

Why these honorifics in Nigeria? Why this craze for titles in Nigeria?

Which religious, academic or professional bodies, awarded most of these self-ordained pastors in Nigeria the titles they carry around like placards of our collective callousness and stupidity?

A charlatan rises, names himself a pastor. As soon as he does that, he attaches Rev. to his name. And as soon as he does that it is followed by Dr.

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Then an artisanal charlatan, who has no formal religious or theological education starts parading himself as Rev. Dr.

Who gave most of them the title : “Rev. Dr.”

Who did this to us?

I can only vouch for the professional and academic qualifications of the Catholic clergy. No catholic clergyman attaches Rev. or Dr. to his name without being ordained or without earning a PhD. The Catholic Church was at the forefront of the establishment of what came to be known as universities in the medieval times. And they have not let up on that as the quality of their universities worldwide shows.

The Anglicans too, have so many world class intellectual clergy men in their ranks.

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About the others? Who gave these charlatans those titles and the right to bear them?

Who is in charge of regulating titles in Nigeria?

What about our politicians?

Andy Ubah was addressing himself as a Dr. until he was revealed as a fraud, who purchased a certificate from a certificate mill in the USA.

Many Nigerian politicians are such frauds.

Who is in charge of regulating things in Nigeria?

O kwa ka i na afu!

Gwazia ndi yard unu

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