Time To Call Donald Trump To Order By The Leaders Of Thought or The “Agbebodorun” Of America In Yoruba Parlance.

By Ikenga Chronicles November 4, 2019

Time To Call Donald Trump  To Order By The Leaders Of Thought or The “Agbebodorun” Of America In Yoruba Parlance.

— Dr. Wumi Akintide

There is something called the House of Lords in Great Britain who together with Her Royal Majesty the Queen of England constitute the “Agbebodorun” in the United Kingdom.

Even in the Nigeria that Psychopath Donald Trump has described as a shit hole country, there is a “Council of Elder Statesmen” made up of former Heads of State and State Governors and a few leaders of thought that would meet and decide when to call any crazy President like Trump to order by acclamation and consensus when they know the national security of the country is being jeopardized and short-changed by the Incumbent President.

That moment has come for sure. America is dangerously being pushed to that precipice or the Grand Canyon of what could become a huge Constitutional Crisis if nothing is done pretty soon to call Donald Trump to order.

A President who conducts serious public policy by tweet and who is seriously inciting his supporters to civil disobedience and rebellion by asking them to prepare for War and by urging his White House aides to disobey sub poenas issued by another co-equal branch of Government in a country where the Constitution has guaranteed separation of powers and where any President cannot act or behave like he is above the Law, is not fit for office in my opinion.

This is no longer a case that the US Supreme Court now dominated by conservative Judges and highly politicized by Donald Trump can realistically adjudicate.

America is heading to a Constitutional Crisis under the incumbent President and it is time for Republican leaders past and present to see and to recognize the dangers posed by this President if they all remember how Adolf Hitler who was Democratically elected German Chancellor in 1933 had metamorphosed into a maximum Dictator by 1939 when he had led Germany to declare War on the whole World.

I recall the great Winston Churchill and the great Franklin Delano Roosevelt joining forces even with Stalin the Soviet Union leader to challenge and to defeat Hitler in the Second World War from 1939 to 1945?

How do I know that? I know it because my own father was a foot soldier in that war and I was born a “Bidemi” while my father was busy fighting Adolf Hitler as a Sergeant in the Royal West African Frontier Force that had fought in the War under the British flag in Egypt, India and Ceylon.

Guess what? After I was born my family members being victims of the Hitler Propaganda machine like Donald Trump is misleading his supporters today by telling them lies upon lies, had believed that Adolf Hitler had to be a Hero for having the temerity to singlehandedly challenge the whole World and to keep the War going for 6 years.

So what did they do in their utter ignorance? They decided to name their new baby myself born at the first and only Maternity at Akure at the time “Hitler”

That was my name growing up at the Deji’s Palace where I was raised as a child of privilege.

It was later in life when I learned that Adolf Hitler was a villain worse than Judas Iscariot that I forced my parents to change my name to the name I proudly bear today.

When I attended the great Obafemi Awolowo University in my rookie years as a History major, I did extensive research on the Second World War and Adolf Hitler’s role in it and what in the World could have motivated my family members to name me “Hitler”

Donald Trump from my research is a carbon copy of Adolf Hitler in so many ways and he has borrowed so many scripts from Adolf Hitler’s playbook as far as I can tell and as confirmed by 3 Presidential Historians in Jon Meacham, Michael Beschloss and Doris Goodwin all of the United States.

It is time for the leaders of thought in America like all former Presidents and Secretaries of States and Vice Presidents and retired Justices of the Supreme Court and Heads of the Pentagon with a high stake in America to reach out to this President and to call him and his Republican Hypocrites to order before it is too late.

A stitch in time saves nine!

I rest my case.