Time For Rivers People To Politically Eliminate Amaechi And Wike

By Ikenga Chronicles November 13, 2017

Time For Rivers People To Politically Eliminate Amaechi And Wike

A brand new scene in the Wike-Amaechi kerfuffle opened on Saturday when the security aides attached to both the Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike, and his arch rival, and Minister of Transportation, Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi clashed in Port Harcourt. As expected, several versions of the story have flooded the media, with the aides of both men, trying to outdo each other with exaggerated accounts of what happened. One of the most bizarre of such accounts is the one where one of the aides of Amaechi posted a picture showing the broken side mirror of the vehicle of the minister, alleging that the broken mirror was a result of a missed shot aimed at Amaechi!(the broken mirror is on the passenger’s side of the vehicle, while Amaechi was at the driver’s side).

All of the accounts given are rarely the issue. What is important is the extent to which the aides will go to create false stories, in order to justify the actions of their principals.The extent of the lies, the number of people who key into them and propagate them until bitterness blankets everywhere.

That is not all, the level of bitterness that the struggle to defend their principals has thrown up is one that threatens to drown the youths of Rivers State. What is evident to any cursory observer is how sharply a line has been drawn between the youths of the state such that there is at one side, the pro-Wike group, and at the other, the pro-Amaechi clique. These two sets of Rivers youths are like water and oil which never mix well.

Each set, it seems is willing to blindly follow its leader to the death, and while at it, take as many of those at the other side of the divide with them. So badly has this gotten that even genuine attempts at making the state better are sabotaged and filled with so much negativity until it is swallowed up by a pile of bitterness.

Many may wonder why it is so easy for two men to have such strong hold on the youths of the state. The reason for this of course is what every observer of events in the Niger Delta already knows: the youths’ sense of entitlement make them always dependent on handouts from politicians. It is widely known that for the average Rivers youth, the most recognisable way to riches is being lifted by a politician and “blessed”. That is why they fight tooth and nail to always ensure that “principals” who will directly favour them are elected, no matter the cost to the state. If for some reason your own principal is not elected, you would have lost out in the quest for financial gains, and could either wait for another political term, or re-align.

However, the idea of a quick re-alignment was thrown out of the window with the emergence of the Wike-Amaechi fight-to-death scuffle in 2015. Suddenly, it was no longer just about politics of violence, but one in which violence has mixed with extreme bitterness, pride, and blind followership.

It is a fight hinged on the ego of two former friends, who have each vowed not to lose out to the other, thus Rivers State, since 2015 became a theatre of perennial political wars.

This could have been easily overlooked if the war is not having an immense impact on the development of the state, and mostly on the state’s future. The precedence being set by these two political warlords is one that will effectively erase fair play and politics of Rivers-first from the political scene of the state. This is because, if the youths being manipulated by these two men to fight their war continue on the path they are on, they too will in turn become like these two cankerworms hellbent on destroying the state in order to win petty personal battles( after all, then the elder chameleon dances, the younger one watches, and learns).

That is why it is very important now that Rivers State finds a way to do away with both of them before it is too late. In fact, it should be approached as a matter of great urgency.The youths they are manipulating can still be redeemed if these two are taken off the political scene of the state as soon as possible.As it is, nobody can guarantee that the damage they are bringing to the state and her future will be reparable if this unnecessary ego war is allowed to continue beyond 2019.

In fact, there is no guarantee that the war will even end in 2023!These two men look for every reason possible to start a new war. For instance, if Wike retains his position as governor in 2019, the fight may turn to who produces his replacement in 2023, and so on!You cannot take that away from people who fight for something as simple as right of way!

The future of Rivers State is endangered. Rivers State itself is an endangered state.The politics of extreme bitterness, propaganda, and lies is the major threat to the state and her future. The key players in this type of future and life threatening politics are Nyesom Wike and Rotimi Chibuike Amaechi. To save Rivers State therefore, the only remedy is to POLITICALLY exterminate these two. It is something that has to be done urgently, so that Rivers State may breathe again.