Three Sexual Mistakes We All Make & How To Fix Them

By Ikenga Chronicles April 22, 2017

There are only certain people who are certified to work on the mechanics of big, passenger airplanes.

Those people receive loads of training—but when it comes to sex, we receive no training at all.

And sex, it seems, is much more complex than a jet engine. So much so, we regularly get into trouble using, abusing, or ignoring our sexuality—filling our lives with the excitement of tight-wire acts, but without the requisite practice or net.

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If there was a tiny Phillips-head screw on your genitals that increased or decreased pleasure slightly, you would tinker and mess with it until you broke it. Then you would have to go to a specialist who knows about such things and try to get it fixed.

We virtually never practice sex at all. Each time we are lucky (or unlucky) enough to find ourselves in bed sans boxers or panties, we—like total sexual beginners—giggle like little kids playing with a chemistry set or our first set of tiny paints, and we make a mess that only Mommy knows how to clean up. It looks more like monkeys were playing, rather than a science experiment, art, or learning experience—and much less like the pleasure we imagine.

First Sexual Mistake.

The first sexual mistake we make is to get our hearts involved, which instantly makes sex serious, rather than just so much goofing around. Though well-meaning folks are likely to suggest that sex and relationships go together, we have to admit that most of us are afraid of both, but we continue—under the flimsiest of pretenses—to seek the more dangerous of the two.

The big mistake we make—a real sexual faux pas—is to imagine that our hearts and love have anything at all to do with sex. They don’t, and they…


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