ThisDay Newspaper Governor Of The Decade: Both Friends And Foes Are In Consonance

By Ikenga Chronicles January 23, 2020

ThisDay Newspaper Governor Of The Decade: Both Friends And Foes Are In Consonance

— By Chukwuma Linus

There must be a time in one’s life when both friends and foes are on same page. It could be for good or bad, but such time is worth mentioning as moment of truth.

In Nigeria, we are at the point where leadership is nowhere near its true meaning and by implications politicians are viewed through same prism.— People who enrich their pockets with public money.

The above was the case in 2002 in my state when a man made a thought-provoking campaign slogan, Ndị Anambra are we cursed or the cause?

My Lagos, My Story

The slogan came when Anambra state was in urgent need of paradigm shift in governance. I was not a toddler to understood that Mbadinuju’s administration was a failure. He may be a wonderful personality, but political records are not smiling at him. Simply put, Anambra state was far from tangible governance in the hands of the Uli-born politician and godfathers.

But after eight years in office, Peter Obi answered through achievements that we were not cursed. That was after he recovered his mandate from Chris Ngige at the Apex court and survived the unlawful impeachment by Mike Balonwu led Anambra State House of Assembly.

Indeed Obi set a standard that many are proud of. Little wonder his name is on the lips of all lovers of good governance. He remained prudent, focused and vision-driven throughout his tenure. This time ex-governors have plethora cases dangling on their necks on embezzlement and other related financial crimes the Vice Presidential candidate of PDP in the last general elections stands tall as ex-governor without any case to answer. He has never been under the corruption watch by EFCC.

Yes, no politician is without critics and Peter Obi even with his impeccable governance is not left out. Critic is a relation of politics. Many critics no matter the obtainment will never say good of it. Unfortunately, that is what opposition is in our system.

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But, on Monday at Eko Hotel, ThisDay newspaper at the occasion of 25th anniversary honoured H.E Peter Obi with the “Governor of the Decade” the honour that both friends and foes are in consonance.

I have keenly followed these years the man many like to address as Okwute to know that the award was not induced, but based on towering records. And judging by commentaries I’m right.

This is a moment of truth and people irrespective of political leanings are on same page that ThisDay newspaper were not biased in assessment. This award is well deserved.

Congratulations H. E Peter Obi.