They Come To Me As A Flood

By Ikenga Chronicles August 23, 2018

They Come To Me As A Flood

–Adebayo Kolawole Samuel

They come to me as a flood…
In the morning, in the noon time,
In the evening and in the middle of the night,
They come to me as a flood; every dark memory
That my soul abhors, every name that I never want to remember;
They come to me as a flood to sweep me into another bout of brokenness.

In the voice of time, all of my sins
Rush at me with fingers of accusation,
Asking a thousand questions that beget regrets:
Why did you type the devil’s name into your browser?
Did you not know that these films of ecstasy are demons seeping
Into everything that holds your body in purity, eating them into pieces?

 God Is Responsible For All The Evil In The World (1)

I break down into gloom
Because, like a house forsaken
For the ghosts that haunt it,
Strength has forsaken my body,
And joy has deserted me
For my dark past that haunts me.
There is nothing left but a bucket of tears
And a room full of one thousand griefs.

Last night, as I lay again
In my mire of sadness,
A voice bellowed from the television.
A preacher on TBN shouted: “When your sins
Come to you as a flood, raise the wall of the Lord
Against them, for He has justified you! And there is
Nothing in the world that can christen you darkness!”

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