Theory Of Drift And The Problems With Our Society–Segun Fadipe

By Ikenga Chronicles March 5, 2017

Theory Of Drift And The Problems With Our Society–Segun Fadipe

Most times, the gait of drift is slow and measured. At times, those who understand the geography of its movement can transform into prophets, with the power to predict the ultimate graph of its descent. But a drift is a drift, a slow slide from the grip of sanity, down through the contours, the abyss of insanity. One feature of it is progressive from one end to the other. It has a spatio-temporal identity and is unique for subverting the very essence of where it begins its onward journey. The drift is a regression. A drift, however, may not descend beyond a level where it could be tamed. For a perspective people, immediately its rolling stone transits from its point of sanity, it is gripped with all the might, held by the neck down and heaved off its destructive course. It thus ceases a geometric slide which it begins and is made to return to its original domicility of sanity. If the rolling stone doesn’t benefit from this rein, it tumbles down the mashy messy path, wriggles itself down the ladder and ends up with a deafening staccato. No calamity wreaks as much havoc as the calamitous crash-land of a drift. Then a phenomenon of sorrow and tears follows its occurrence. Once its beyond control, the larger environment (society) is at risk.

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Our society offers a very poignant study of the geography of a drift. Unlike in other societies where, backed up by a very strong and formidable statistical culture, you could view a drift from its point of departure and everyone would be agreed that a downward gravitation is afoot, our society is a Janus-faced example. As situation slides down hill, and maggots outdo one another wriggling their waists inside the conundrum of rot, an accustomed life stuck in a rut; and so, it is legitimated by so big a crowd that you wonder what the matter is. The other crowd, thin I must confess, de-legitimates it, but its voices are shrouded and muffled. The drift nevertheless rolls on, making as much noise as it could, sometimes making none, but most times, warning its perspective audience of its calamitous gravitation.

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Nevertheless, the negative multiplier effect is unpredictable, resulting in great wreck and unwarranted loss and damage. It is then, and only then, that our society bemoans and groans aloud in sorrow, tears and blood. But we all failed to address the issue when it started rearing its ugly head. We all looked the other way. Now that wje are all arrested, after running and running, we have nowhere to hide again. We have all forgotten that only diligence sets a fine example and standard. Negligence pays a greater price as much. We often than not waited until when the drift becomes like the greatest trouble of Pythagoras which was that, “the square root of 2 is irrational and therefore, cannot be expressed as a ratio of two integers!”

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And so we become helpless when the whole thing becomes hopeless. Our nation, as it is presently, is berthing on the pedestal of juxtaposing of surreal and reality. What tomorrow holds for us remains a mental puzzle. A national dilemma of sort. We need to fast-track on the urgent solutions to our national security challenge, drifting state dirigisme and the rapidly waning social orderliness.

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Ayi Kwei Armah, the famous Ghanaian writer, puts the drift in perspective. In his book: “Two Thousand Season”, Armah wrote: “The drift is like a spring water flowing desert ward and such a spring water should know that its future is extinction. The desert never knows how to give, it takes; sucking life out of an otherwise life-filled spring water.”

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That’s the truth about the kinds of socio-economic and political drift that we are challenged with today in our nation. The backward kind of drift – the retrogressive kind of. Lack of love, of compassion and of mutual concerns for the betterment of our brothers and sisters debar our progress and cause great problems for ourselves and our society at large..

What we are experiencing and which is taunting and tormenting our society today is the result of our greed, selfishness, covetousness, hate and self-centredness. In an atmosphere of this nature,where there is no true love and compassion, we cannot expect or experience peace of mind, soul and body.

But all hope is not lost.

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