Theology of Work

By Ikenga Chronicles April 29, 2018

Theology of Work

‘Work’ and ‘job’ are two different concepts.

Your job is what you have agreed to do for a fixed price. But no one can pay you enough for your work.

Your work is what fulfils you, your life’s calling, your bliss. It defines your existence.

You may be fortunate, however, to have your job as your work or your work as your job.

Jesus knew his work on earth and this was to provide the answer to the sin question with His death and resurrection. People wanted to give Him a job of being an earthly king. He declined.

Unlike Jesus, many today have lost their work because of the trappings of their jobs. Your job may give you a healthy bank balance but it is your work that credits your life’s account.

Your job can be taken away but your work is permanent. While at your job, don’t ever lose sight of your work.

Whatever you do as a sacrifice on your part that brings joy and hope to others may be your work. And your job may be a means to accomplishing that.

Employment generation, provision of affordable housing, quality education and healthcare, taking kids off the street may be some people’s life’s work.

Joseph, though a slave and a prisoner, his life’s work was to avert a global food crisis.

Your job dies at your demise. But your work lives on after you.

Sola Sorinolu is a Christian educator who believes strongly in the pragmatic solution the Scripture proffers to life, family, career and business challenges. He is passionate about the extension of Christ’s influence on earth and in hearts.