The Yorubas’ Governor Makindes Needs To Ronu

By Ikenga Chronicles January 31, 2021

— Dapo Douglas-Momodu

EXPECTED! DEFINITELY EXPECTED!! It’s disappointing, embarrassing and shameful in all ramifications that the (or some) Yorubas are known for snitching, betraying and selling out one and any of their own everytime the situation deserves or requires otherwise. Terribly appalling, disgraceful and shameful. It happens everytime.

From the late MKO Abiola, Obafemi Awolowo, Gen. Ademulegun to Chief Samuel Ladoke Akintola, and several more who all the aforementioned got their fate sealed, their ends ingloriously shattered and their demise lamentably procured, chiefly, as a result of their fellow Yoruba kith and kin’s fate breaking fixation.

How many more will follow? That, with bated breath, none can ascertain.

Whereas the Igbos will, blindly or justifiably, out of the kindred spirits and allegiance to the family tree dictum of affection for brotherliness, help shield and overtly or covertly defend their recalcitrant Mazi Nnamdi Kanus, Uwazurikes, and their earned “”freedom fighters and liberators””, the Yorubas, both leaders and the hapless and powerless defended commoners alike, are apt, enamored, engrossed and enthralled if not bewitched, hypnotized or under a spell to zealously and thirstily, with a great gusto, throw any of their own under the bus as at when protections, succour and backings for such an one should have been expected.

I’m a nationalism epitomized Nigerian to the core with no apologies to anyone about that, but the nationalistic intuitions, proclivities and aptitude in me always reminds me of the facts, like the late sage, Chief Obafemi Awolowo once said that, “”I’m first a Yoruba man before being a Nigerian””.

That holds true for me any day anytime. And I hold no apologies to anyone in voicing out my deep-seated disharmony with this egregiously disturbing characterising curse of our people with this medium and of course this is the truth we’re merely indulging in, habituated with, taken as a pastime and almost are accursed with.

While the HAUSA-FULANIS will habitually buffer, stonewall and go to bat for their fellow bloodsucking and cannibalistic barbarians in the likes of their Miyetti Allah crews, sing songs to extol their Shekaus in their war-torn hamlets, bulwark their Kabiru Sokotos, cover up their Wadumes, shelter vigorously their ISWAP soldier brethren, and passionately advocate “amnesty”, more like the invocation of amnesia on the nation against the atrocities, brutal depravity and bloodletting malefactions of their own, the Yorubas bubbles colourfully, vivaciously animates and radiates on the up and ups on one demeaning tendencies they pursue more than life itself: SELLING OUT their supposed “emancipator” and manumitters with no sense of remorse, soul-searching regrets and shamefacedness.

How can one justify or excuse Governor Seyi Makinde with his deliquescent vituperations or depraved avowals and despicable utterances against Chief Sunday Adeyemo aka “”Sunday Igboho””, who has pivoted the directions and routes the six South West governors combined should have treaded or avoid rushing us into earlier before now? Who will and how should the cat have been belled in the violent beleaguering circumstances the terrorists herdsmen have subjected and nearly subjugated the Yorubas into on our own very soils while Governor Solo, sorry, Seyi Makinde, his family and his South West Governor colleagues basks in impenetrable state-apparatus-enabled security maintained with near-destitute taxpayer’s money?

The Oyo chief of State got it all WRONG this time. The gallery play is well overstretched and the oligarchic tunes of patronage coming from him this time is with full omen of discordance.

He directly made it conversant with us, giving us the pointer that and betraying us on how “”the FULANI HERDSMEN are free to annhiliate, kill and violate the Yorubas while we look on, and as usual, resort to praying to the blessed high heavens, and think, wish or do anything but never think of fighting back or defending ourselves””! But that information is blameworthy, ignoble and shoddy. One that can never sink in with the Yorubas at this time especially when the ostentatiously prodigal Governor is trying to use this as an avenue for a Vice Presidency-worthiness in the eyes of the lackluster, merciless and pitiless fulani oligarchs which Seyi Makinde so desperately desire to please at all costs. His chaotic vituperations are opprobrious. Typical of the sellouts in our midst once more. This time, we won’t do a buy-in into the cowardice being championed and promoted against one of our own.

The vacuum for a sustaining redeemer and rescuer of the Yorubas from the strangleholds of the fulani herdsmen and their concomitant vampiric life wasters was left opened for too long.

Unfortunately, the likes of Ayo Fayose kowtowed to blackmail albeit his starting on a wrong footing to begin with. Pa Reuben Fashoranti’s daughter was murdered in cold-blood, Chief Oluyemisi Falae was for close to ten days, humiliated and mortified through the thick forests of Ondo and recently an amiable monarch was abominably murdered by the raving, roving, reaving and raping-loving anthropophagus and savage cow herders with none to answer for the atrocities, vicious inhumanities and barbarity till date. The impunity rages on. The rules of exemption to accountability in favor of the Fulanis reigns endlessly. But Sunday “Omo Baba Igboho” Adeyemo and his Yoruba Nation nationalistic acolites can’t take it anymore and vowed never to entertain more of these. The only hurdles he has to cross now is the enmity, evil eyes, resentfulness and the grudgingness of his kinsmen borne out of nothing but the congenital snitching trait and enviousness of the Yoruba man and in this case, lords like Seyi Makinde and his cohorts. How shameful!!!

Finally, IF restructuring and the full rigours of true federalism remains an abeyance then the first of Sunday Igboho, his co-travellers and all they represent are yet on “”press-ups””. More of them will surface soon to make up for the loopholes and vacuum Governor Seyi Makindes of the Yorubas created.

A due commendation and kudos goes to Arakunrun Rotimi Akeredolu, the amiable Governor of Ondo State for his doggedness and recourse to timely actions necessary to enhance the sanctity in humanity of the needlessly and abominably endangered indigenes of the Sunshine State. These heroes are NOT alone, should never be, must not be and will never be.

The Yorubas will not become an appendage of any savage marauding killers whatever and whichever names they call themselves. With our emancipators and worthy leaders we stand through the thick and thin.

  • Dapo Douglas-Momodu is a co-founder of the DYNAMIC NATIONALISTS MOVEMENT and a political affairs analyst.
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