The Waffle House Gunman’s Father Is The Real Murderer

By Ikenga Chronicles April 23, 2018

The Waffle House Gunman’s Father Is The Real Murderer

— Vitus Ozoke

I think I may just settle for the sad reality that I can never fully understand racism and white privilege in America. According to police reports, the Tennessee Waffle House gunman, who killed 4 and wounded several others yesterday, had in July of last year been arrested by the Secret Service when he breached White House walls, claiming that he was a sovereign citizen who wanted a meeting with President Trump. Obviously, the Secret Service determined that he was delusionally deranged. His home police department in Illinois revoked his right to own or possess firearms, confiscated 4 weapons from him, and handed them to his father.

Now what we are hearing is that his father gave those weapons back to his son, including the AR15 used in yesterday’s Waffle House massacre. Yet, we have not seen the father in handcuffs and his mugshot on TV! Are you kidding me? Four deadly weapons are confiscated by the police from your mentally unstable son, handed over to you, only for you to return all four weapons, including an AR15, to your mentally sick son, who uses them to commit a massacre. And you are still a free man?

What part of all of this makes sense? If we agree that the son is mentally sick, which is usually the label for white gunmen, and so criminally irresponsible, then, the father, for all intents and purposes, is the murderer. Why has he not been arrested? Why is he not in jail? Why should he not be charged, convicted, and sentenced for the rest of his life for first degree manslaughter? Why isn’t American media talking about his father? What am I missing here? I guess I’m missing the fact that father and son are privileged white members of the NRA.

Recall sometime last year when Donald Trump proposed killing family members of “Islamic” terrorists. For a man who is willing to kill innocent family members of terrorists, as stupid as that idea sounds, you would expect him to want to put his head on a pike a father who returns confiscated deadly weapons to his mentally sick son who uses them to commit terrorism. But what have we heard from Donald Trump? Cricket! This is not Abe Lincoln’s America anymore. This is privilege on steroid!