The Unnecessary Mess Of Papal Knight Investiture

By Ikenga Chronicles January 26, 2020

The Unnecessary Mess Of Papal Knight Investiture

— By Chukwuma Linus

The governor of Anambra state was actually at Vatican City, Rome, few days ago and yes had audience with the Pope, but any need for the Papal Knight Investiture hurly-burly?

I expect someone somewhere to had act with a little gravitas. But what if it’s defunct? Here lies one of the many reservations I have about Willie Obiano administration.

Too many projects are left unattended and only few years remaining to pass on the baton to his successor, then why not the incumbent accelerate on good governance and many promises he made to rewrite the wrongs than unpleasant media propaganda.

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Not by design, but accident I share same faith with many political bigwigs in Anambra state. The likes of HE Peter Obi, Sen. Victor Umeh, Sen. Uche Ekwunife, Sen. Ifeanyi Uba, Gov. Willie Obiano, the list is endless are members of Catholic Church. I have trained myself to be logical and analytical in issues that concern governance and not overwhelmed by religious affiliation.

Though of the names I mentioned above I know of two persons who had years ago been honoured with Papal Knighthood. — Peter Obi and Victor Umeh.

Then why the media onslaught from the camp of the governor because few persons asked questions about the authenticity of his Papal Knight Investiture?

I may be wrong, but media professionals are not pawns. The reason why many are engaged as media bulldogs is because many see it as “Appreciation gift” without any knowledge of what are required.

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These creeds pride in ignorance and arrogance while trying to impress their principals. They make more enemies than friends and see no danger in it so far they are paid.

I have saved myself from futile engagements this year simply because I don’t form opinion on every news making the rounds. It will save media aides a lot if they learn to pause and reflect on the consequences of the news they propagate.

In Obiano’s camp everything is all about Peter Obi. As far as they are concerned the Vice Presidential candidate of PDP is reason behind his successor’s short supply of tangible governance.

While I also frown at few of Obi’s supporters because of unnecessary tug-of-war with Agu Awka over Papal Knight it is my concern that beam light should be on who is eminently qualified to take the baton in 2022. Our state is in urgent need of working governor. I’m rather worried if anything will be left in the coffers of the state after Obiano.

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Take it or leave it we are the products of our choices. Willie Obiano should not be expected to turn new leaf, however, what of his media handlers? I’m not sure the team is ever short of propaganda.

Yesterday was circulating of imaginary statement of account alleged to be owned by Valentine Obienyem, Peter Obi’s media aide, today may be EFCC invite letter.