The Unappreciated

By Ikenga Chronicles March 14, 2016

–Dum Syl Aminikpo

Nigerians are just one unique set of creation. We don’t reason like you. We don’t talk like you. We will never be like you. That’s why when those fellows came from Britain and gave us English as a language, we came out with pidgin, and made it the everyday thing.

Dem dey craze?

Our value systems too vary. While some cultures cry over polygamy, to some of us here, it is the sign of a real man. I mean, controlling two or more women isn’t beans nah. Some do four here, have three kept women, and two other teenagers that call them baby. We are that unique.

You wan try? Mad people.

That’s not all. When it comes to being appreciative, Nigerians too have a queer way of going about it. This is one instance with which I’m not very comfortable. Nigerians are never really appreciative. This is almost becoming a national culture. For a country that has more than two hundred languages to “agree” and have this particular trait calls for serious concern.

Nigeria we dey hail you.

The other day, President Bubu said he would give five percent to some and ninety seven to others. The five flared up. They strolled to God in heaven, took the long drive down to hell and queried them. How dare Buhari say that, for what? Some really angry ones said ‘for wetin!’ ( there’s a difference between both, unknown to many. One expresses mild anger, the other the type of anger that can make them charge at you with machetes). They were so busy ranting that Bubu realized that he made a mistake and took the two percent off, and left them with three. How easy it would have been if they had just appreciated him, and asked that the equation be corrected by making the other ninety-five and this, five. That’s ingratitude. That’s what happens to ungrateful people.

President Bubu travelled to the UK and called them criminals. That wasn’t strange coming from Bubu. Since the former military leader left office, he has always shown that all those around him can never be trusted. That’s why he’s never seen anyone to support for the presidency, even with age eating him away. That’s why Osinbajo, his professor deputy is restricted to visiting royal fathers, graduation ceremonies, and condolence visits. Baba knows that the man is a criminal. That’s the same reason recently, when the man was supposed to travel to India, Baba was thrown into confusion. If Osinbajo travels, not only would he be known by a foreign president, but the country would be left in the hands of Saraki, a more devastating criminal. Baba laid the coup, made it look like there was an issue with protocol, and Osinbajo was kept at home.

All these complex plots would never have been hatched if Nigerians had thanked him when he called us all criminals. The old man would have been saved some thinking because already, he knows we are all criminals, and we know too. While he’s away, we would have known that criminals were in charge and helped monitor until Saint Sai Baba returned.

I’m just here, still watching them. Rochas built that award-winning Christmas tree, no one said thanks. Lai said Buhari had no clue about the economy, they attacked him instead of saying thanks.

Did Lai lie?

That’s how one small group came out, made history, and we are yet to say thanks. It is not everyday that you get to convince more than fifteen million people to use groundnut oil, instead of palm oil for jollof rice. It happened in this country. Months later, we are still eating the tasteless rice, struggling to swallow it, but people are yet to commend this piece of genius that was able to fool such crowd.

Why are we so unappreciative?


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