The Trouble With Kogi State-Simon Abah

By Ikenga Chronicles July 4, 2018

Sir: Whoever thought that Kogi State would always be in the news for the wrong reasons? A doctor as reported by The Guardian died because she could not afford to buy drugs. To owe workers salaries in Kogi has become a novelty. How can the people be proud of their heritage on all sides as they should be because no-one is there to inspire them. The governor who should be busy promoting developmental causes is busy caroling for the interests of the president and not of the state.

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The big issues do not matter to him. So much for giving youngsters the chance to rule. Experience and age count for many things in life. Why must federal jobs just like Southern Italians thrill the Kogi people instead of looking to entrepreneurship? Why should the labour of the Kogi man be employed only in soldiering and other calls where labour is quantified so cheaply by people who must abuse the Kogi people? Why must generational lack be associated with Kogi people even though there are politicians, brilliant in the house of parliament to free Kogi people from the plantation of lassitude? Why aren’t there many Kogi sons and daughters in national offices?

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Why aren’t there good aesthetics as you drive into Kogi from all borders giving people the impression that there aren’t city-planners in the state or that its people revel in chaotic disorder? Members of the legislature are not truly independent to checkmate the excesses of the chief executive so he can be mandated to care for the state and its interests. Kogi should be a place where the traditional values of life are valued, one of which is universal brotherhood. But Kogi shouldn’t be a place where the love for universal brotherhood should make its people weak.

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Kogi must not be a place where politicians behave in comparison with people who are in the oldest profession on earth. The politicians must not be mealy-mouthed and woolly minded to collect votes from the poor promising to do their bidding but associating with the rich and caroling for their interests only. Democracy must be for all and not for a select few as it is in Kogi since 1999.This is the right time to save Kogi State and its people.

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