The Tragedy Of One Nigeria

By Ikenga Chronicles March 31, 2018

The Tragedy Of One Nigeria

— By Charles Ogbu

I have said it before and it bears repeating now, the Arewa North and the rest of Nigeria have absolutely nothing in common. Not language. Not culture. Not religion. And certainly not the same value system. Not only do they not have the same value system, they both have two conflicting value system that are worlds apart and in constant bloody clash with each other –Clash Of Irreconcilable Civilizations. The British knew this but because their only concern was economic and administrative convenience, they still went ahead to make happen the pernicious enterprise known as the 1914 almagamation. This is as criminally outrageous as a farmer putting herbivorous animals in the same cage where he has the carnivorous animals.

We must join hands to find a solution to this problem through a genuine restructuring where each region will exist on its own with its own political, economic and security autonomy or we join hands to split this murderous forced marriage. This thing that calls itself a nation is one hell of a lie.

As it stands now, conducting a general election under this current structure will simply amount to giving Buhari the legitimate cover to complete his demonic ethno-religious supremacist agenda. And no, I’m not advocating a straight boycott of election. I’m advocating using every possible means to get our respective leadership collectives to insist on “No Restructure, No 2019 Election”. If we go into the 2019 election without insisting on restructuring first, we will pay a price too steep for that. Our generation unborn will live to rue that decision.

We can’t continue this way. Nigeria is the only country where the President and Commander-In-Chief is the Grand Patron of the parent body (Miyetti Allah) of a group rated as the world’s 4th deadliest terrorist group.

Nigeria is the only country in the world where the National Armed Forces use the same weapon bought with tax payers money to collude with, facilitate the movement of, and provide cover for a terrorist group killing the same innocent citizens this Armed Forces exist solely to protect(Pakistan’s very powerful Intelligence Agency collude with the Taliban against other countries like Afghanistan and India, not against Pakistani citizens).

Nigeria is a country where the people from whose land the entire country is being fed and sustained wallow in abject poverty while some parasites who produce nothing but terrorism and religious killing live like kings. Nigeria, a country where the backward North has no intention of catching up with the South but must drag everyone down to ground zero. Nigeria, a country held together by nothing but oil.

Nigeria, a country where the North is free to practice a state within a state via the implementation of the Sharia law which has its own executive, judiciary and even legislature plus a complete Police Force known as Hisbah to break alcohol bottles even when they receive lion share from VAT sourced from the same beer. Yet, Southern states cannot operate a duly constituted vigilantes to protect their people from marauding herdsmen, the same marauding herdsmen being sponsored, protected and defended by a government headed by a herdsman.

Nigeria, a country where the government which is openly colluding with terrorists to kill and maim her own citizen is stopping the same citizens from defending themselves.

Nigeria, a country where well lettered adults still wait for a certain T.Y Danjuma to tell them that right to life and self defence is their fundamental  human right recognized by all laws known to man and not a gift from their rogue government which can be withdrawn and given out at will.

Buhari came to power solely to do what he is currently doing with Boko Haram and the Fulani terrorist herdsmen. There is no limit to how far the Arewa North is willing to go to achieve their devilish aim of conquering, dominating and owning every one of us. Both the APC wing of Dapchi Girl-releasing Boko Haram and the Fulani militia are all tools created by the same Arewa North to achieve this dark aim.

Your government is not fighting any Boko Haram, it is empowering them. The symbiotic relationship we all saw between the Buhari government and their Boko Haram boys should convince every doubting Thomas.

My job is to write. I have written!