The Three Musketeers

By Ikenga Chronicles April 16, 2018

The Three Musketeers

— Vitus Ozoke

Of course, you know the first. He is Donald Trump. He is the president of these United States. Michael Cohen is his fixer. Cohen arranged $130,000 keep-it-secret payment to porn star, Stormy Daniels, on behalf of Donald Trump.

The one in the middle is Elliot Broidy, a former member of the finance committee of the National Republican Committee. On his behalf, Cohen made a payment of $1.6 million to a former Playboy playmate reportedly impregnated by Elliott Broidy. Broidy has reportedly resigned from the RNC.

According to Wall Street Journal, in the settlement agreement, Cohen even used the same pseudonyms for Broidy and the former Playboy model as he used in the nondisclosure agreement between Donald Trump and porn actress Stormy Daniels: David Dennison and Peggy Peterson.

The third one is Fox News loudmouth Sean Hannity, a very close confidant of Donald Trump. The only sensible question at this time is: what dark business did Cohen fix for Hannity? We are about to find out.