The Texture of God’s Touch

By Ikenga Chronicles December 5, 2018

The Texture of God’s Touch

–By Remi Oyeyemi

In my hours of need
Dark, dreary and dingy hours,
Perplexed, puzzled and perturbed
Baffled, befuddled and bewildered.

At the crossroads of my journey;
Bleary, broken and beaten.
Spent, sapped and sank.
Enfeebled, exhausted and enervated.

Not the best of times,
But great period to ponder,
When friends are scarce
And family are sparse.

Loneliness defined itself;
From solitude, it separated clearly,
A quietude greatly poisoned.
Disappearing, a hope it seemed.

Then, on my shoulder
I could feel it.
The texture
Of His touch.

Drained by my expedition,
Depleted of all energy,
Weary, spent and effete,
Hardly, could I turn.

Yes, I could hardly turn;
Turned in pain to look and see.
To see and behold;
Behold in utter disinterest.

Who’s the one
Caring to bother me
And alone, won’t leave me
To extricate, of this exhaustion.

And turned, I did;
Seeing, I could not still.
Yet, the aura I could feel;
The ambience, burnishing.

Soft. Smooth. Silky.
Fluffy. Fluid. Formless.
Cozy. Creamy. Cushy.
Blissful. Beatific. Bounteous.

A wonderful touch.
An awesome touch.
An amazing touch.
An astounding touch.

A touch so magnificent,
A touch so magnanimous,
A touch so marvelous,
A touch so miraculous.

Copacetic in its impact.
Caressing in its contact.
Contingence in its cuddling.
Cooling in its curling.

A touch of life.
A touch of hope.
A touch of rebirth.
A touch of salvation.

Rescue, its purpose.
Salvage, its intention.
Deliverance, its design.
Emancipation, its aspiration.

A word, He didn’t have to utter.
All was said by His act;
His love, I contemplated.
His emanation, overwhelming.

All over me I could feel it;
Smelt the semblance of His scent,
Flourished as His flavour aviates
The texture of God’s touch.

Celestial. Elysian. Astral.
Divine. Eternal. Ethereal.
Seraphic. Spiritual. Supernal.
The texture of God’s touch.

It was a beauty of a touch.
Titillating and tantalizing;
Theistic, transcendent texture,
The texture of God’s touch.