The South South And The South East – The Missing Link

By Ikenga Chronicles October 6, 2019

The South South And The South East – The Missing Link

–Magnus Oraka

Over a couple of days I’ve brainstorming to find out what exactly is identifiably missing and can be said to be the cause of this two regions finding it near impossible to synergize their interests and struggle? A friend of mine once called me to say I should stop talking about unity of the region in public because in his own perspective the two regions are united. He went further to buttress this by saying that SS and SE don’t kill themselves. This is true by all index. We do not kill ourselves. But has this make the SS and SE work in harmony? Absolutely not!

Its amazing that that the solution to free ourselves from the bondage of the Fulani’s contraption of Nigeria is right there by our feet for the picking but for some rather inexplicable reasons we have rather dwelled on ethnic manoeuvres that tows the path of mischief and pretext of champions who pretend to be fighting for the interest of the region when indeed they fight for the interest of their ethnic freedom. This realization did not come to me as a surprise as it a genetic make up of black Africans. The black race lacks the mental ability to politically think outside ethnic affiliations. In Nigeria this applies to everyone including the oppressors and the oppressed. For instance, President Buhari is in power and the poor illiterate president is finding it pretty difficult to distinguish between being a Fulani man and president of a multilingual, multicultural, and multi-religious country such as Nigeria.

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Anyways, the focus of this writeup is the lack of political synergy between the SS and SE. In my research I’ve come to the painful conclusion that the problem is a lack of political ideology that has been exacerbated by greed and unnecessary arrogance on the part of the SS and SE respectively. Now there is a pervasive spread of these attitudinal anomalies in both regions but one seem to have more of one than the other. For instance, the SS people, to me, are the most money conscious people on the face of the planet. This is a correction of the notion that “Igbo man like money too much” which is not true. The Igbo man sees money as a means to survival and therefore works extremely hard to earn it. This is not loving money but realising the value of money and what it can do and how to get it.

To the man in the riverine area money controls him and can buy his soul. He doesn’t think money should be earned. He rather sees money as some thing to be taken should you find yourself in the position to take it. The SS will develop any excuse to take money and justify it. This attitude is fanned by the “we oil” mentality. This is where it all becomes bewildering and weirder. How does a people believe they own wealth when they only use 13% of it? 13% of something doesn’t qualify ownership. This is the most laughable notion every SS man carry all day, “na we oil”! How stupid can it get when you think you own something that someone else controls and determines who gets anything?

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The man from the SS will not do anything for free except you specify the enticement of money. This has completely robbed them of any form of humanity. Their mind is swayed anytime their is something in anything for the taking.

It is this thought of “we oil” driven by the 13% derivation from federal government that gives the SS the false notion that they own the oil and therefore should be protected from the Igbo people and “their Biafra” (so sad). The caliphate knows this angle and they have resolved to nurture this hook on the SS people.

The SE on the other hand are people I’m sure are not interested in the delusional oil owned by the SS. The Igbo people know the riverine people in true perspective do not own any oil as it is indeed owned by the caliphate. So why bother about something that isn’t there? The problem I have with the SE is their inability to understand politics and how it is played. Politics is not played with emotions but with strategic manipulations and compromise. Here is what beats me. Are the Igbo people marginalized in Nigeria? – Absolutely yes! Are the Igbo people disliked in Nigeria – Yes (to a certain degree)!. Are the Igbo people nice? – they are the best people by all standards (They are accommodating, assimilating, and by for the only people who distribute economy across the country). So why will these people be suffering as a consequence of their good nature? Two things are involved. Firstly, the caliphate is no respecter of good nature because to them that concept is western. By their doctrine of Islam anything western should be destroyed. The caliphate perceives the Igbo people as mostly Christians and therefore western and therefore should be terminated.

Secondly, there is the attitudinal problem. The SE people are the most noisiest people about their business successes and how more blessed they are than EVERYBODY in Nigeria. This attitude can only begets contempt as against any form of admiration. Is it really difficult to make quiet money and spent quietly and become quietly successful?

The point I’m trying to make here is to table the good and the evil in us to see a feasible way to synergize the people. To the caliphate, the SS and SE are one and the same but they’d rather treat the SS a little differently because it is the goose that lays the golden oil egg. The caliphate will forever fan the embers that fictitiously suggests to the SS people that the Igbo people and their Biafra quest is aimed at their oil. This deception, the SS has bitten hook-line-and-sinker.

Having said that, what is the south SE doing about this scenario painted above? Nothing! The caliphate has successfully engineered a strategy to make the SS feel different from the SS by carving a different identity of South-South for them. The caliphate has also impute in the mind of SS to perpetually suspect the SE as those they should protect the “delusional oil” from.

I am even far more befuddled why the SE who are the forefront of Biafra struggle has not taken an overview of all these parameters into consideration and understand that the first and ULTIMATE MOVE is to win back their neighbours to the once brotherhood we shared. I’ve once suggested that SE begin a process of wooing the SS to form an alliance but that mere suggestion alone caused a rift across the social media. Some were infuriated by the suggestion. They enthused that the Igbo man cannot beg the SS to be part of the struggle. This is where I am convinced that the SE is way behind in understanding how politics work. You do not achieve political points by clinging on to your ego and I-know-everything attitude. You achieve political score points by political manoeuvres through compromise. Take Buhari for example, before the 2015 election, he was ready to do anything even if it meant compromising his principles. Buhari was seen in churches kneeling, wearing Igbo attires, kneeling for some traditional chiefs in the south. Will he do that now? – hell No! It is therefore important that the SE realize that what is before the region is weightier than their ego. What they have as egos should be converted to political arrogance by politicians of the region when they confront politicians from the caliphate. The attitude of political subservience to politicians from the caliphate must stop.

To achieve the political scorecard in the Biafra region, these are what must be done.

  1. A process of building bonds of unity must commence and it must start with the SE with equity and mutual respect. No where in history has it been recorded where people of fewer population meet larger population for alliances. It is big populations that seek alliances to further boost their numbers. As big as America, it seeks alliances whenever there is a need to go to war.
  2. A Biafra struggle that is truly devoid of ethnic coloration must be disseminated properly to people of the region.
  3. Social media attack dogs particularly of IPOB should be educated on winning friendships and brotherhoods from affiliates of the region when confronted in political debates. The insults and abuses must stop between ethnicities of Biafra land.
  4. All agitating groups for Biafra restoration must devise a platform where their ideologies can be streamlined to a viable synergy such these agitations do contradict one another.
  5. People who cry to the world as oppressed cannot at the same time be seen as violent attacking people in public irrespective of how these unscrupulous politicians have been adjudged.
  6. Channels that develops the humanity in us to love ourselves must be built.
  7. Those championing themselves as freedom fighters must develop a mindset that think beyond their ethnic affiliation and in place fashion a mind that works for the interest of all ethnicities in the region in an atmosphere of equity.

In conclusion, Biafra is there for the actualization anytime we choose. What we lack is identifying the steps and path to take. The path is unity. The steps are superior logical thinking over the caliphate after a thorough understanding of how the caliphate think.