The Siege Against The People

By Ikenga Chronicles July 11, 2018

The Siege Against The People

–Paschal Nwosu Esq

We are at the edge of despair.

The poor have lost everything in Nigeria but their faith in God and their dignity, the two most vital elements the devil is trying to rob them through Christian disarmament and poverty.

Poverty has come upon us because of the strings of bad governments. The illusions of utilitarianism and unfettered libertarianism have accomplished nothing but place society at the edge of despair.

The Bible which is my headlight that has guided my life and utterances and shaped my moral form has prevented me from doing anything for money or position; nothing even the promise of judgeship or political position contingent on membership of any association that does not put God First.

Whatever the enemy says of me is a lie. There are amongst us however men that would do anything for money or power and rob the poor their wages and common wealth.

Stop The Lies – APC Warns Okorocha

Our society is increasingly segregated, classified marginalized and we are increasingly required to belong to one association, fellowship or fraternity or the other to make remarkable progress in life.

I have come to the conclusion that what threatens our society most are the twin evils of unfettered capitalism and corrupt government populated by men relentlessly driven by greed and designs of self aggrandizement.

At the edge of despair we are asked to relinquish our hold on God and surrender our human dignity or perish.

How has society condescended to the rot of self destruct and positioned itself to this calamity?

What are the contributive factors to the enlarging gulf of poverty in which 1% of the human population control overwhelming disproportionate resources?

The primary attack on the human society remains unfettered capitalism always in the pursuit of the illusion of unprecedented prosperity. This has created a society of the mindless super rich and the poor, ‘the have’ and ‘the have not’.

Okorocha’s Government House Disconnected Over N200 Million Electricity Debt

The mindless earnings of the super rich have created the illusions of prosperity whilst in reality it translates to the rot of endless austerity for the society of the poor. This has contributed to mind boggling global inequality.

The human society has departed from its humane management of the factors of production that resulted in the emergence of companies that have growth established on a long chain of public trust and tradition.

What we have now are companies with managed and tailored risks catering for the 1% of the stinking rich who are less interested in real manufacturing and activities that would provide employment and variable development of the human societies.

These companies of the rich that has cornered the resources of mankind are more interested in the investment on luxury goods, real estate, jewelries, gold, Diamond and all such low risk investments with high yields. Those of them that take any greater risk are interested in Job cuts, maximalisation of profit and exploitation of the poor without guilt or responsibility.

A Malevolent and Reckless Governance of Imo State

They are everywhere; the giant multi nationals and such companies like Shell petroleum which has over the years exploited the Niger delta in a manner of grievous rape of its resources that has left its inhabitants in orgasmic poverty and ruin.

Unfettered capitalism has demanded increased deregulation of their activity and securitization .people like Richard GreenBury and analysts of Citigroup are keeping society perpetually on debt whilst trading on our debts as securities. They have tied their salaries to corporate performances which enables Richard to earn about half a million pounds a month in the midst of yawning poverty whilst keeping running wages low and people out of jobs.

In our society, politicians who have no business sense have descended on politics as a means of deregulated plunder. Billions of dollars meant for development are being stolen. Soldiers are been sent to war without suitable arms and supplies to face the terrifying BOKO Haram, an organization that emerged out of the odouriferous miasma of poverty and national decay.

In Imo state, Workers are been laid off. Pension funds stolen and the salaries of workers are being cut to make more money available for executive fiscal recklessness of a rescue mission now itself in need of been rescued; afloat in mid sea without a paddle or compass.

Deconstructing The Mbakwe Years As Governor Of The Old Imo State

The concept that executive salaries must commensurate with corporate performance under Richard Greenbury and analysts of Citigroup like Tom peters, and Walters does not require Owelle Rochas Okorocha to demand improved performances from his mostly intellectually incapacitated and incompetent aides and appointees whose compelling qualifications are that they dress well, are married to his daughters, and disposable like used condoms .

The conspiracy between Governments and corporations has ensured that our societies remain in perpetual debt including individuals and families through mortgages and high interest loans. A man under mortgage cannot resist this evil by going on strike. We have all been kept on leash by our indebtedness.

In Imo state big salaries are tied to positions but not to performances. This explains why government policies and implementations of its programmes come out in dizzying flaws and end up as white elephant projects.

Coalition Was Formed To Save Nigeria From Buhari’s Destruction—Sam Eke, GPN National Chairman

Indeed the election and reelection of Owelle Rochas Okorocha had ushered in a new era of hope, and great expectations but it has increasingly become clear that this government does not care for us. All that it is interested is in city beautification and gentrification without any real development; the rescue mission is nothing but a disappointment.

The roads the government are building are not leading to factories, industries, standard schools, and social and health facilities. The roads are leading nowhere with meaningful activity that can provide jobs for our people.

Who Should Be The Next Governor Of Imo State?

The Owelle government started well with a lot of acclamations and goodwill. Its zeal and relentless drive to serve was seen then as populist and his leader Owelle Okorocha, as charismatic. But this is no longer the position. Here there and everywhere, as the leadership has become very unpopular and despised whilst its chief missionary dreams of a presidency that is out of his reach inspite of his involvement with the ruling APC.

There are many factors that inhibit his pipe dream of Igbo presidency. He lacks intellectual capacity, human compassion and cannot be trusted-North, West, East , and south.

As an Igbo man, he is already distrusted and feared . He is already influential, rich and powerful and no one will give power to such a person. Presidents are first made then elected. Okorocha’ is very unpopular in the south east; he understands and agrees to an advice that the best way to win the presidency is to win the North to his side even if it requires hurting his people, which he enjoys with passion.

The event that occurred at Chatham House is no accident. It was mean and premeditated and insensitive remark to announce to the whole world that he does not identify with his ethnicity, with the Igbo struggles to be free of Marginalisation, organized genocide, pogroms and degradations.

Quit APC Now, VON DG Tells Gov. Okorocha

He hopes to achieve Northern support to his presidential bid by distancing himself from Biafra and win the Northern support; when he has not shown any remarkable achievement as a governor and demonstrated tolerance, the ability to welcome compromises and the exemplary conduct of politics without bitterness.

I would really like to ask Okorocha why he aspired to be the governor of Imo State or wants to be President?

What it seems that Okorocha lacks is the intellectual capacity to govern and political honesty to appreciate that he is no longer respected because of his character. He is too blinded by ambition to realize that he acts out of character most times and that he is running a government that is no longer at ease with the people.

The land grabs policy, illegal demolitions, and gentrification policies, in the backdrop of a growing debt burden that has made the future bleak, substandard road constructions and infrastructures constructions that has done equal harm like Citicorp analysts who have contributed to the globalization of poverty without guilt or responsibility.

The Governor allegedly claims that he has consistently provided his security votes for the development of state infrastructures as if security votes serve no legal or statutory purposes and belongs to him personally. Inspite of these claims there are no available evidence of the appropriation of the security votes under the State budget.

Bring Back Fayose On Saturday— APC’s Ngige Tells Ekiti Voters

In another vein, the Governor claims that the state owes him money! One wonders whether it is ethical for him to loan the state he governs on terms that were not negotiated or made public and without the consent and approval of the State House of Assembly?

It is surprising that a Governor that is elected on the principles of separation of powers and democracy can appoint law makers as Chief executives of Local government Areas under endless transition Chairmen.

The mean streak in governance is exemplified in a man who received on various occasions acknowledged proposals which he executed and claimed rightly credit for the following: Community government Councils, the creation of three mayoralties of Orlu, building of city gates and inter community roads, Broadcasting radio for IMSU, Imo engineering Corps, Njaba Bridge, Umuaka , and Orlu new markets using the Tejuosho market prototypes, Imo micro finance IMF, invitation of shoprite to Imo state, palm planting, LGA street naming, collectivization of agriculture, Imo farms ltd, Imo Polytechnic at Orlu BSC, ADAPALM privatization, Imo petroleum Development Corporation, Imo low Cost housing development, IGR new initiatives, renaming of Government House to DOUGLAS house after a famed missionary, the Building of Government House chapel by self and through Pastor King of Akwakuma, free education with payment incentives for pupils and school Uniforms, Maritime university, Eze Imo, Ezeze, or a central kingship, construction of 27 General Hospitals under health reforms, Building of a school of nursing, relocation of Building materials in Orlu amongst others.

The person who wrote these proposals for the governor sent and acknowledged through a principal secretary, former commissioner, an Orluzurumee politician, and a priest has never received a gratitude, a thank you or any form of incentive but only his sincere desire that he fades into oblivion. Not even a condolence letter when his father died.

I did write these proposals. Even his Son in law, Uche Nwosu, whom I had a TV debate on Dialogue, anchored by paschal Uche on the challenges of urban renewal and implementation design is in the know of my contributions.

Ekiti Election: Fayemi Alleges That Militants Have Been Imported

Sadly the implementation of these proposals, are reckless and irredeemable by reason of moral wickedness.

His siege against the people.

This is a ruthlessness that should never be allowed to succeed itself. This self serving government and its beneficiaries must be shown the way out come the next elections. We ask now; who will rescue us from Imo state Government? This government is worse than the tyranny of corporations.

We are all blameworthy for electing it.