The Selfish And Deceptive Plans Of Buhari And TInubu

By Ikenga Chronicles August 21, 2018

The Selfish And Deceptive Plans Of Buhari And TInubu

Ever since Senate President Bukola Saraki declared that he was dumping the All Progressives Congress (APC), it was as if he poured fuel and threw a match on the entire hierarchy of the party, and the Presidency.

All of the actions emanating from both the government and the party leadership have been one of stampede, hasty actions, confusion. In fact, governance seems to now be focused on discrediting Saraki through all means necessary.

First it was the coup on the National Assembly, which, no matter how much the Presidency and the party leadership tried to distance themselves from it, utterances from Adams Oshiomhole continue to show a vested interest.

Then there are the coordinated media attacks against Saraki all geared towards reducing Saraki to the sole cog in the wheel of Nigeria’s progress, and the most corrupt being ever.

All of these got exacerbated with Saraki’s revelation that he is considering running for President in 2019. Immediately that announcement was made, all hell was let loose.

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From the APC National Publicity Secretary providing a list of “corruption charges” Saraki is facing, to the party and Presidency blaming Saraki for all the failures of the Buhari administration, and now to finally unleashing their media bots to all but ruin every credibility that Saraki has, it has been series of haphazard attacks on the Senate President.

That is no surprise to anybody who has been following political activities in Nigeria since Muhammadu Buhari became President, in 2015. Since then, anybody who opposes Buhari is slammed for being corrupt, while those who were “corrupt” before suddenly become saints once they declare their support for him. The problem is that not one person declared corrupt by Buhari his people has been convicted. What is worse is that the same government suddenly go silent once those supportive of the President or directly working for him are accused of criminal activities!

Again, all of the failures of Buhari’s government have always been blamed on other people. If it was not PDP, it would be Ghadaffi, and now it is Saraki.

Enters the godfather of South-West politics, Bola Tinubu, who, following Saraki’s defection, accused him of working against the federal government. And Saraki finally responded, and his response was deep and very revealing.

What Saraki did reveal in his response to the attack by Bola Tinubu of all persons, was that the attacks on his person are not for the good of Nigeria, but mainly personal.

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Recall that the APC had said that Saraki’s political moves are mainly motivated by personal interests. Fast forward to Saraki’s response to Tinubu, and it was revealed that Tinubu, even though he was angry at the leadership incompetences of President Buhari, had vowed to support the incompetent President since such support will give me a shot at the Presidency in 2023.

This revelation of Tinubu’s(and by extension of all the loyal Tinubu supporters) reason for supporting Buhari reveals not just the selfish reasons behind their actions, but also puts to question the so called promise to Ndigbo that the Presidency will revert to them in 2023 if they support Buhari’s second term bid. So in essence, same promise had been made to two regions, all in the bid to guarantee one man’s ambition. And those familiar with Nigerian politics of course already know that the Igbo will be the ones shortchanged as usual. Tinubu and Buhari clearly are taking the Igbo on a ride.

What is more, it reveals the prompt to the actions of supporters of Buhari and show that such supports are not born out of genuine nationalistic purposes but mainly by selfish and anti-Nigeria reasons. In other words then, for these people, Nigerians are just bargaining tools for the advancement of their selfish interests.

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Little wonder they watch unperturbed while Nigerians are slaughtered daily; the economy drowning; and leadership ineffectual, without saying anything.

It is left for Nigerians to accept to continue to be the bloodied up stepping bodies to the ambitions of few men, or take the decisive step of putting their own needs and those of the country first.

2019 will reveal how gullible, stupid, and uncaring of their welfare, that Nigerians are.