The Sad Bitter Irony of Ndubuisi Emenike’s Death

By Ikenga Chronicles January 28, 2020

The Sad Bitter Irony of Ndubuisi Emenike’s Death

— Amaechi Wordshot

As the world is held in shock over the tragic death of the American basketball legend, Kobe Bryant, his daughter and others in a helicopter crash in America, I had to extricate myself from the gloom of that sad event to ponder once again on another tragic death that also occured here, closer home.

If it was shocking to hear of the sudden death of Mr. Ndubuisi Emenike, a former senatorial aspirant and philanthropist who was gearing up for a forthcoming bye-election to replace the late Senator Benjamin Uwajimogu of Okigwe Senatorial zone who had himself suddenly passed on recently, it is even more unsettling how he had died.

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It was reported that he was accidentally shot by his guard, an officer of the Nigeria Civil Defence Corps who was allegedly firing some shots to celebrate the victory of Mirian Onuoha in the just concluded Okigwe Federal Constituency bye-election. If there is any death that was reckless as it was avoidable, this is it. People are so miffed that some conspiracy theorists are already abroad with tales of possible assassination.

It is now left for investigators to unravel whether there was a foul play in that direction of murder, by a supposedly trusted security aid meant to secure his principal, or not. However, thinking in this direction brings to mind such cases as those of Anwar’ Sadat of Egypt, Indira Gandhi of India, Laurent Kabila of Democratic Republic of Congo, etc, whose bodyguards had killed, and whether it was ever possible for such to happen here. But, there is one clear foul play, that which nearly all of our people in high places commit with reckless unconcern against the Nigerian people, which once in a while takes a sudden tragic twist such as we have see in Emenike’s tragic death and those of innocent members of the public who were victims of reckless handling of arms by VIP protectors, like the young man killed at Senator Ayogu Eze’s home during the 2015 elections by one of his police guards.

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Despite promoting, largely through misrule, the situations that created and sustain the unbearable state of insecurity we are helplessly living with today amid the insufficient resources to manage same, especially as it concerns manpower, the Nigerian elite is obsessed with being trailed by a security personnel everywhere he goes. Some council chairmen with less than ten police personnel in the police divisions in their local government areas are known to be going about with more than two officers, living the rest of the people in their thousands to be protected by the remainder. And that is also how they would divert the few arms available towards the protection of these people and their families living others at the mercy of criminals.

Apart from becoming a status symbol for them, many of our political elite and their associates, having been engaged in activities that bother on official atrocities like brazen stealing of public funds and using same to show off mindless opulence in fleets of exotic cars and mansions of all types, in a society the majority no longer sleep due to hunger as they tumble into extreme poverty in their droves every minute of the day, are now so afraid that they are truly frightened by their own shadows crawling behind them.

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Of course, the guilty is always afraid. And as it is, the increasing distemper and rumble on the side of the cruelly deprived masses, rising from their growling empty stomachs and grief laden hearts, tormented by heads unsettled by receding sanity from unending gloom and misery, have made it all the more desperate for the Nigerian politician to seek the protection of an armed guard from his own people, even if it was a prison warder, armed with anything at all that could fire a shot! They know the people know they are largely responsible for their sordid state of affairs. Then, we know all these would have been unnecessary if they were providing the leadership needed to move the country and her now plagued people forward. Meanwhile, the rich would always remain awake, in fear of the poor man, who is is unable to sleep due to hunger!