The Republican Party And Trump As Fool’s Gold (I)

By Ikenga Chronicles January 6, 2021

The Republican Party And Trump As Fool’s Gold (I)

— Kennedy Emetulu

As I watch what is unfolding on Capitol Hill, I want to talk about the 25th Amendment….But, let me just talk about the job that Congress is supposed to do today. We will have time to talk about Trump’s sedition and attempted coup later. For now, let’s talk the Electoral College count that will resume once this disturbance in the Capitol is put under control….

I am writing as I watch….Excuse my delivery piecemeal….

There is something unnervingly karmic about what is happening with the Republican Party today after Trump’s loss in the last presidential election. In 2016, they sat with the devil for a sumptuous dinner without any social distancing and without a care about the shortness of their dinning cutleries. The prize was the presidency and Donald Trump was the Golden Calf.

Amongst today’s cast of desperados is Ted Cruz, a senator from Texas who’s made shamelessness too tame a term to describe a politician. Cruz was a primary challenger against Trump in 2016 in what was a bitter race the highlights of which were Trump accusing Cruz’s dad of being part of the conspiracy that killed President John F Kennedy and then topping that by declaring Cruz’s wife ugly.

Sure, politics can bring out the worst in people, but, by any standard, Trump went too far. Even if for party unity Cruz expectedly should be working with the president his party has produced and that the people have elected, he is not expected to outdo all lapdogs, including the craven Lindsey Graham. But, hey, in this new incarnation of Trump’s apple polishers extraordinaire led by Cruz in the form of this challenge against the Electoral College count on the floor of Congress, Graham has proved a little smarter. He wouldn’t put his name on it. He’s even gone a little further to describe Cruz’s stunt as “a political dodge.” Goes to prove even a crooked clock can be right twice a day. In fact, it could be right thrice a day if we consider that the sometimes wise Lindsey Graham once said if someone were to shoot Ted Cruz on the floor of the Senate and a trial is conducted right there, no one would vote to convict the killer. So much love for Cruz amongst his peers, now he has about a dozen of them to lead on this doomed mission.

Here’s the thing, Cruz and his co-travelers are not really great lovers of Trump or of democracy and constitutionalism. They are power mongers who think Trump has something they need going forward and that massaging his ego with this most absurd political stunt will win them this thing. What is this thing? Trump’s base. These idiots are looking at the over 70 million that voted for Trump as people they need in their column as a number of them are eyeing the 2024 race for the presidency, including Cruz and the seven-faced Josh Hawley.

Of course, in his now routine attempt to have his cake and eat it, Trump himself has indicated by word and body language that he is going nowhere and that if this stunt fails, he’s looking to return in 2024. But the calculation of the Cruz gang is that Trump will remain the kingmaker in the Republican Party and being on his good side would help any Republican with ambition. Yet, this is where they are reading it wrong. Apart from the eternal truth that Trump only works for Trump, what Trump actually has right now is fools’ gold. It will not mean much once he’s out of office. Most of those who’ve voted for him will not cross over to other candidates because there is a special appeal to them in Trump’s populist supremacist message that no one else dare champion after the spectacular failure of that off-putting ideology in this last election. Yeah, Trump got more of the evil genie out of the bottle, but Americans are committed to stuffing it back and they will. The election of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris is just the start. They have followed that up now with the imminent certification of the election of Reverend Ralph Warnock and Jon Ossoff in the Georgia Senate run-off. In fact, not a few would put the

Republican losses in those races down to Trump.

Now, on this matter of today in Congress, whatever stunt Trump, Cruz and their comrades-in-arms try to pull, they’re destined to end up with egg on their faces. Reading Cruz’s little duplicitous speech in support of his silly misadventure should have informed, right-thinking people guffawing. No, it is not going to damage American democracy because the people have already saved it with the election of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris; it’s only going to damage the Republican Party which in 2022 midterm is going to be defending about twice the number of Senate seats compared to Democrats. There is no guessing what will happen. They are doomed, doomed by these harebrained efforts to pander to a traitorous president committed to pulling America down because he lost an election, a man working tirelessly to destroy American democracy just as his Russian bosses have ordered him to do.

Cruz has spoken as a touted constitutionalist, but he’s spoken like one with sawdust in his brain. You don’t have to be a lawyer to see through his falsehoods. He claims that the election “featured unprecedented allegations of voter fraud, violations and lax enforcement of election law, and other voting irregularities” and selectively presented polls showing citizens who believe this. Yet. Mr Cruz cannot see how his own claims undermine him and his gang of nation-destroyers.

First, these so called allegations are mainly being made by Trump and his brood of lying vipers and amplified by toadies in the Republican Party who have streamed it down to a section of the base. They have created their own reality from fiction and it is that fiction they want to sell on the floor of Congress as reality. Secondly, in every poll he himself presented, majority of American citizens do not believe his fairytales of fraud and irregularities. Thirdly, he is only talking about “unprecedented allegations of voter fraud,” not anything proven and that takes us to the fourth point, which is that on a practical level, over 60 courts in the land, including the highest court, the Supreme Court, rejected these allegations because there is no preliminary evidence of any sort that has been presented by Trump, Cruz, Rudy Giuliani, Sydney Powell, Jenna Ellis, Lin Wood and the assorted legal pinheads bandying these claims all over to support the allegations.

Cruz knows that the court is not a place you go and yarn conspiracy theories and seek to present these as facts. Even the lawyers who tout these in the press have dared not to go before a judge to say them. They know why, they know there are consequences. Take the case of Giuliani who on November 7 stood in front of that landscaping business in Philadelphia to declare before the press: “This is a gross miscarriage of process that would assure that these ballots are not fraudulent….It is a fraud, an absolute fraud.” Okay, he then appears before a federal judge who asked if the case he has brought is a fraud case. “This is not a fraud case,” he recanted.

Of course, it is not a fraud case because he had absolutely no evidence in a courtroom to back up the claims he was making volubly outside to the press. The campaign dropped the fraud charges there and then and agreed no hearing would be necessary. They turned tail and ran! Also, in Michigan, the court offered them the opportunity to make their case. But for nearly a week after filing, they couldn’t! When the judge threatened to dismiss the case for failure to prosecute, they quickly dropped the case and scrammed!

On December 12, the federal court in Wisconsin with a Trump-appointed judge granted them the opportunity to go straight to the merit of the case considering the Electoral College was meeting two days after then. But what did the campaign do? After all that noise about fraud, after President Trump himself had tweeted that they have found people who have voted illegally and many illegal votes they were going to present, with the campaign promising that their evidence will show somewhere around 100,000 illegal ballots in Milwaukee and Dane counties that Biden carried, when they finally had the opportunity to show these in court, they settled for an agreement on a “stipulated set of facts” on the morning of the hearing. Of course, what this showed was that they had no evidence of their own to present. This is a campaign that has been shouting all over the place that they have not been given the opportunity to present their evidence in court. Judge Ludwig then bent over backward to deny the state’s claim that the campaign lacked standing. He gave the campaign the hearing they asked for, he gave them the opportunity to call witnesses and submit damning exhibits they claimed they have. But on the morning of the hearing, it turned out there was nothing. Instead, Trump’s lawyers said they didn’t need to present proof. In fact, they were just going to stipulate to all the relevant facts and argue legal principles, they said. In the end, after their rhetorical summersaults, they got lectured by Judge Ludwig about what they should have done before the election. That was how all the five dozen cases all over courts in America went. Once Trump lawyers are asked if it’s a fraud case, they’d quickly back away from their claims that the election was stolen and spend their time in court talking inanities. In the end, they get their cases dismissed and then they return to the press to shout blue murder. That was why proper

law firms gave them a wide berth, refusing to take their cases.


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