The Real Rascals

By Ikenga Chronicles December 26, 2019

The Real Rascals

–Remi Oyeyemi

For condemning the unjust detention of Omoyele Sowore, a certified Dauranised critic called “wailers” of my ilk “rascals.” Since many of these Dauranized critics have calcified and cinctured memories, it is important to remind him and his cohorts who the real “rascals” are.

The real “RASCALS” here, are those goaded by not just mendacity, but its putrid genre, who are trying to revise HISTORY and feed us with contorted and corrugated version of history.

They are the ones who ascribed “integrity to a chap who presided over the loss or disappearance of $2.8 billion of our money.

They are the ones who protested against GEJ without let or hindrance, but are trying to murder Deji Adeyanju for protesting against the charlatanism of a Major General Mohammadu Buhari in Aso Rock.

They are the ones or followers of the ones, who called for REVOLUTION but encouraged, celebrated and eulogised the incarceration of Omoyele Sowore by the Daura Durllard.

They’re the ones who incited violence against ordinary Nigerians which led to the death of many innocent citizens and have created enabling conditions for the attemped murder of former President Goodluck Jonathan.

They are the ones who called GEJ a thief but are renovating an odious edifice built with N7b with N37b..

They are the ones who called Diezani Allison Madueje a thief but they themselves are armed pen robbers.

They are the ones who said that a “responsible government should be able to fix power in six months,” but have failed to fix the same power for about 5 years now.

The “RASCALS” are the conscienceless dudes who support systematic ETHNIC CLEANSING in Nigeria and dub those who complain about it as “haters” and “wailers.”

The real “RASCALS” are the shameless pseudo-intellectuals who excuse every act of incompetence, every act of visionlessness, every act of heartlessness as the best to expect from a political Army General, the DDD.

The RASCALS are the one who are so morally confused and compromised that they do not know the boundary of politics in the struggle for their own existential survival.

The RASCALS are those who were at peace with calling Patience Jonathan “shepopotamus” but are quick to accuse critics of the Daura based congenitally incompetent goon, of hatred.

We know the RASCALS and the RASCALS know themselves. In their quiet moments, when they engage in reflections, I am confident that, without let or hindrance, they know and accept, as Harold Laski once posited, that they have directly and overtly contributed to the “moral paralysis” bedeviling our polity.

The RASCALS too have consciences too. Though, some of them have dead consciences, but the rest of them are just obstinate, dogmatic, recalcitrant and intransigent in their resistance to the beats of rightfulness.