The Rape Of Christianity

By Simon Aihiokhai June 3, 2020

The Rape Of Christianity

In 1933, Adolf Hitler and his Nazi supporters hijacked Protestantism in Germany. They founded the German Reich Evangelical Church and appointed the theologian, Ludwig Muller as the bishop of the state church, A church that had the agenda to promote hate and create a unified national consciousness, knowing fully well the power of religion in shaping the psyche of a people. This move by Hitler was used to gain religious support for his hateful agenda that was intended to kill millions of innocent German Jews, German Blacks, German LGBTQ+ people and Germans with mental health conditions.

Holy Ghost Fire To Burn Akpabio

Today, we are seeing the repeat of history. Donald Trump has been courting the support of American Christians and positioning himself as an instrument of God while implementing policies of hate and death in the country. Yesterday, as Americans demonstrated in fromt of the White House, he ordered police officers to attack peaceful demonstrators so that he could walk to a closed church and hold the Bible as s sign of his appropriation of the religious symbols of Christians for his agenda of death and destruction. Today, this same godless man hijacked the sacred space of Catholics in the Archdiocese of Washington DC to position himself as a friend of Catholics. Why is he doing these? Recent polling shows that he is losing support among Christian White Evangelicals, Catholics, and other mainline Protestant Churches. Nothing matters to him except his ambition to remain in office.

Yet, some Christians are gullible enough to support him because he knows how to bait them with his narrative of pro-life. If he is pro-life, he would condemn the murder of Mr. George Floyd. if he is pro-life, he would support the demonstrators who want humane laws in this country. So many instances abound where he has trivialized the lives of asylees, refugees, and Americans.

As a theologian, I have a moral obligation to write these lines. I must remind my brothers and sisters of the Christian faith that there is a higher calling that we are called to uphold. Forget your love of Trump for a minute. Focus on Christ and Christ’s calling to us to lift up those at the margins and journey with them as the Good Samaritan did. To be the voice of the voiceless. To provide shelter for those who are homeless. To make space for those whose dignities have been taken away from them. These are still binding to us who embrace the Christian faith. Ask yourselves, is this man a Christian or an impostor who has hijacked our sacred symbols?

We stand at the crossroads of judgment from God and from society. It is important we reject this man now before it is too late. Dictatorships occur when you least expect. Very soon, it might be too late to reverse the course of our national history. As Christians we can play a role by rejecting his fake embrace of our religion. Christianity is today being robbed and diminished by this man and his accomplices. I hope that we can wake up and see clearly his hypocrisy. to reject him is a strategic move to call him to repentance and c conversion. If he repents we shall gladly welcome him as a brother in faith.