The Nigerian Government Should Stop Violating Omoyele Sowore’s Fundamental Human Rights Now!!!

By Ikenga Chronicles November 10, 2019

The Nigerian Government Should Stop Violating Omoyele Sowore’s Fundamental Human Rights Now!!!

–By Onyemaechi Ogbunwezeh

The corridors of Nigerian power, is a theatre of atrocity. This is one of the worst places in the African continent, where evil is convoked, and celebrated by a conglomeration of thieves, fraudsters, thugs and buccaneers of all shades and hues, with the singular motive of gaining, keeping and retailing access to power and all it’s empty paraphernalia.

That is an atrocity-spangled environment.

If you are not a sociopathic fraud, a murderous crook, monumentally empty, thoroughly compromised and extremely corruptible, you can never gain access to Nigerian power.

Can anyone point to any man or woman of integrity, that is present in Buhari’s government?

Just one!

There is none!

Ask Rock is a brewery of toxicity, so noxious that the devil itself throws up at the ingenuity and profundity of the evil, which oozes out from that house of sin. Little wonder Ruben Abati, after spending an administration there, came out screaming and talking about the flames of some odd powers that paranormally run things in that citadel of grotesque incompetence.

Abati may have essayed to exonerate himself and absolve his principals from the incompetence, he was once a part of. But there is something about Aso Rock that converts once rational men like Femi Adesina, into bleating he-goats, singing hollow and mercenary songs in praise of an evil tyranny, impregnated with incompetence.

Aso Rock and her hangers-on, are so corrupt that they can even corrupt the devil itself. Correct me if I am wrong. I would then supply you with the pieces of evidence that scaffold this conclusion. The only thing that can be said of Aso Rock today is that hell has been depopulated to repopulate Aso Rock. Ask Aisha Buhari, who has been complaining to anyone, who cares to listen that her husband, our supposed president has been captured by a faceless cabal that bears Nigeria ill. Is that the reason why Nnamdi Kanu kept insisting that Buhari is dead, that the man in Aso Rock is a mask?

The hypocrisy is so galling. It is even more terrible, when Muhammadu Buhari, and his government of fraudsters, constantly perjure their pretense to democracy. Every action of this government for some time now, has not retired that accusation that Buhari is not a democrat. His every word and action betrays a pocket and midget tyrant, who thinks that Nigeria is his feudal real estate.

A case in point is that of Omoyele Sowore.

The government accused Omoyele Sowore of treasonable felony. It is within the government‘s rights to accuse anyone of anything. But it is not within the government‘s rights to be a judge in her own case, even in a situation, where it has compromised the judiciary. The case came to court. The court granted Sowore bail on certain conditions, which have been met. Yet the government has refused to release the young man, as ordered by the court.

And the court that granted that bail is keeping mute, allowing the fundamental rights of Mr. Sowore to fail hearing to be so very much violated at every turn.

This government is pretending to be above the laws it swore to uphold. And Nigerians are all keeping mute, going to their various churches and mosques to pray for Nigeria to become a great nation.

Instead of all the religious leaders bellowing from their pulpits for the government to respect the laws of the land, everyone is busy pretending to be the apple of god‘s eye. And they believe that once they wake up from their pretence, that Nigerian would have been transformed into a first world nation. They forget that it is fights like the one that Sowore is involved in, that set many backward societies on the path to greatness. They forget that If Patrick Henry had not stood up against the colonial tyranny of the English crown, that the United States, would have remain an outback of colonial exploitation till date.

Niccolò Machiavelli understood the difficulty faced by any change agent. The people they are fighting for would always stand on the fence. I don’t blame the people. They have been variously and severally betrayed by revolutions and revolutionaries; that masqueraded their primitive desire for power, as the common good. But the people would be well served to defend the right of the individual since, every society is made up of individuals. To that end, if the rights of one man is violated today without resistance, that would open the way for the violation of anyone‘s rights whenever the violator deems fit.

The fight for Sowore is a fight for ourselves. The violation of anyone’s rights is the violation of everyone’s rights.

Sowore is not convicted of any crime. He should be allowed to go home. Those accusing him of crimes are the real crooks. Nigerians know that. And the rest of the world is watching.