The Meaning Of Selflessness

By Ikenga Chronicles January 26, 2020

The Meaning Of Selflessness

— By Tai Emeka Obasi

I couldn’t celebrate the award of Governor Of The Decade bestowed on HE Peter Obi by Thisday Group the way I should have because it came at the time the Supreme Court turned the country upside down with their election verdict in Imo State.

I personally pushed the celebration forward to a future date because agwo no n’akrika. In fact, since that judiciary coup against HE Emeka Ihedioha over a week now I have not truly written on anything else.

Little did I know that the beneficiary of the award was evidently thinking alike. On same day the award was to be presented to him, he led the PDP protest in Abuja, together with Prince Uche Secondus, Senators Dino Malaye, Enyinnaya Abaribe and a host of others. To the man we fondly call Okwute, the award could wait.There is a huge snake on the thatched roof. CJN Ibrahim Tanko and the Supreme Court are bringing Nigeria to her knees in decay.

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It didn’t matter to the former governor if no Nigerian protested when he took his turn of skewed justice. It was a duty he owed and protecting the masses remains his favourite hobby.

Here is a man who had been a governor for eight years. He was not just any governor. He was the best. He has made his mark. He is not lacking in anything. He easily could have left to any choice country to escape the madness called Nigeria. But he forever says he has no other country but Nigeria.

He couldn’t and can’t abandon the people to their fate. He knows that some deeds are irreversible but firmly believes that our actions of today can prevent further decay of tomorrow.

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He is very worried seeing the democracy we fought very hard for being destroyed before our very eyes. It’s not about his being the vice president or flying around in the presidential jet. It’s not about whether the party in power is APC or goes by any nomenclature. It’s about Nigeria as a country. It’s about our future. It’s about saving our country from impending ruin. It’s about protecting our unity and having the enabling environment to go for and achieve our potentials as a people.

Rochas Okorocha Turned Imo State Into A Laughing Stock—Ihedioha

I salute Okwute for his ever doggedness. I tell Prince Secondus, good morning if you have finally woken up from sleep. Of course Abaribe and Malaye are Trojans of the people’s cause. May God continue to provide you all with the appropriate strength to carry the fight to conclusion.

Majority of Nigerians are solidly behind you.

Yes, later in the day, the Governor-Of-The-Decade had to honour the Thisday Group to receive a well-deserved accolade with a heart full of satisfaction that he had, earlier in the day, put in his own very significant quota in the quest for a truly democratic society.