The Lynching Of Afam Osuigwe By Senior Advocates Of Nigeria

By Ikenga Chronicles June 14, 2018

The Lynching Of Afam Osuigwe By Senior Advocates Of Nigeria

— Vitus Ozoke

This is Mazi Afam Osuigwe. Afam is a young, brilliant, and successful Nigerian attorney. He has served the Nigerian Bar Association in different capacities, including its national secretary and the president of the Abuja branch. Afam has given so much to the Nigerian bar!

Afam is a candidate for the presidency of the Nigerian Bar Association. The presidency of the Nigerian Bar has traditionally been held by the so-called Senior Advocates of Nigeria (SAN), but there is nothing in law and NBA constitution that requires that its president be a SAN. Afam’s courage to break this tradition has been received as a threat by the SANs.

June 12 And The Buhari Scam

Let me tell you a little bit about the SANs. It used to be an exclusive club of the best legal minds in the bar. They were sound. They earned the privilege of being senior advocates. We had Rotimi Williams, Gani Fawehinmi, Clement Akpamgbo. We have Ben Nwabueze, Femi Falana, to name just a few great legal minds. But, of late, SANship has become a game of politics. Nitwits who go on TV only to be taken to the cleaners by Oby Ezekwesili have been made SANs.

Abiola And The Politics Of Remembrance–By SOC Okenwa

Yet, it is this cabal that insists on hijacking the Nigerian Bar Association. They swore, and openly boasted, that Afam, not having attained SANship, would never be allowed to run for the presidency of the Nigerian Bar. That’s where we are. But it is going to be their last mistake.

What June 12 Reveals About Nigerian Democracy

June 12, 1993 was a day of infamy in Nigeria. It was a day that electoral democracy and rule of law suffered the worst rape in Nigeria. Incidentally, and ironically, the Nigerian Bar Association is about to repeat June 12 a day after the Nigerian president has taken steps to fix the injustices of June 12. This must not be allowed to stand.