The Lame Duck

By Ikenga Chronicles February 28, 2020

The Lame Duck

— Iloh Friday Okechukwu

That Boko haram, the deadly Islamic terrorist group is a menace beyond description, is a truism; this satanic group has been troubling the peace of Nigeria, particularly the North-Eastern part of the country. The group has killed and still killing hundreds of thousands of Nigerians and other persons at will; maiming, kidnapping, especially women and girls; its criminalities are ways out of the ordinary.

I have come to think that the Buhari government is not handling the counter-insurgency against the Boko haram terrorist with the commensurate approach. I don’t know the working of the military, but the posture of the government is in no way convincing that it is really poised to take on the insurgents with deadlier counter measures.

Why We Are Failing As A Nation

How reasonable is it that a country would pardon terrorists and reintegrate them into the society, the same society whose members it killed and marauded? Did you watch the killing of the Christian Association of Nigeria’s Chairman? He was murdered in the most savagery, by Boko haram. I went cold upon seeing the video. If the killers of the CAN Chairman, according to Buhari, repent, they would be spared of the wrath of the law! As you read this piece, a bill is before the Nigerian National Assembly, its purpose is to give legal template for forgiving Boko haram members, who, according to the Buhari-led Federal Government, are repentant. Imagine that. Recently, one of Nigeria’s neighbouring countries, tried, convicted and sentenced members of the Boko haram sect to death. I think they have been killed, in accordance with the court’s judgment. That is a demonstration of the requisite political sincerity of fighting insurgency; not the lame duck attitude of the incumbent Nigerian Federal Government. Can you mention the name of any alleged terrorist that has ever been put on trial since the inception of this government?

Insecurity: Where Do We Go From Here?

Recently, the National Security Adviser, a retired major-general, shocked the nation when he allegedly that the service chief are being directed by the Chief of Staff to the president. More shocking is the fact, according to him, is that the president does not know of this meddlesomeness by the Chief of Staff.

Even Buratai, the Chief of Army Staff said that Nigerians should embark on prayers, as a counter-insurgency! Why on earth would you spare a terrorist?