The Killers

By Ikenga Chronicles February 17, 2020

The Killers

— By Iloh Friday Okechukwu

It is often the case that people who claim to be marginalised or victimised; or, are actually marginalised or victimised, would do far more terrible things should the table turn.

Following Sanda’s conviction, on the allegation that she murdered her late husband, a lot of ladies have given thump up to the criminality of the murderer; they take pride in it. Yet these fiery fiends would not let the law wring the neck of Sanda like a chicken as justice of her ignoble crime demands.

This action irresistibly points to something, and that is, contrary to the feeble point made by some persons, the Sandas of this world do not necessarily carry out matricide in a fit of passion. The act of murdering their alleged or actual unfaithful husbands is really premeditated. Otherwise, how else would anyone rationalise the glee that these potential felons regard the crime.

Personally, I’m against all practices that dehumanise, degrade or in any manner discriminate against women and womanhood. On every platform, radio, television, lectures, etc that I have had opportunities to feature, I have resoundingly and eloquently condemned the ill-treatment of women and the girl child. I do this because I have the conviction that that is the right thing to do. I have repeatedly condemned violence in any form or shade against women and the girl child. I firmly and strongly believe in the fairness of treatment for both men and women.

The shameless emergence of women advocate for spousal murder on the ground of infidelity, is a trend that is not only un-african, but satanic. The euphoria that accompanies this “cheat-and-be-knifed” dogma is morbidly horrifying. Infidelity should be roundly condemned, and I so do. However, except in circumstances authorized by the law of the land, for instance, in self-defence, nobody, husband or wife, should take the life of the other, or cause the other person harm of any degree.

I am a strong advocate for the retention of death penalty in our laws; and this is one of the reasons why I so maintain that stand. If murder carries the punishment of death, and some people, women especially, regaled in the sweetness of spousal murder; what then would be their attitude if murder does not attract death? The answer is clear to persons of good conscience.

If a man cheats and you cannot put up with it, and in all fairness, nobody should expect you to so do, depart from him and chart your own course; both of you are not surgically inseparable siamese twin. Do not kill him; cheating is no murder; do not kill a fly with a gun or sledgehammer. This admonition applies to husbands too.