The Joke Of Obama As Kenyan President

By Ikenga Chronicles January 28, 2020

The Joke Of Obama As Kenyan President

— Amaechi Wordshot

When I saw the joke of Obama gearing to run for the Kenyan presidency, I smiled wryly and was amused by, just as I muse on, the great irony of his entire eight years of presidency to Africa. Yes, Obama was an unmitigated disaster for our continent! He nurtured terrorism in Nigeria where he heartlessly stoked the deadly fire of Boko Haram, just to punish President Goodluck Jonathan for refusing to abrogate the anti gay law the country had enacted.

While openly working for the emergence of Mohammad Buhari both in his official and unofficial capacities, and to seriously render Jonathan by all means unreelectable, he further armed the terrorists through third party non state actors and refused to extend any form of help to the beleaguered country despite repeated passionate requests to that effect by the Nigerian government, for the lives of her citizens being wasted by the terrorists in endless raids and bombings.

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Obama cruelly blocked the sale of arms from their allies and most countries Nigeria had approached with threats of sanctions, and even had CIA tip off South Africa Nigerian government was trying to buy arms in the country through the black market. This was a last resort measure the government took in desperation. The money, in several millions of dollars, remain confiscated by the South African government as the deal was scuttled and Nigeria and her government exposed to serious international embarrassment involving our major rival in Africa that left us with the shorter end of the stick.

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Of course, it was a cruel turn of fate that he succeeded in his Buhari project and now after five years into it, Nigeria has turned into the parched land of the most wretched people on earth it is today, with about six of her citizens steadily going into extreme poverty every minute, so far totally amounting to near one hundred million people!

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As hunger ravages the land and the country is at the brink of disintegration due to the hegemonic politics of the government whose principal officers then defended Boko Haram who today are still bombing and beheading citizens, especially Christians, Obama’s destabilisation activities in Nigeria and Libya were reminiscent of the America/CIA plots against Africa’s first generation nationalist leaders during the Independence and immediate post colonial era the West had removed, through brutal assassinations, instigated insurrections and coups. So, as far as Black interest was concerned, Barack Obama was not fit to be the President of Kenya not to talk of a most strategic and powerful country like America!