The Importance Of Remi In The Scheme Of Things

By Ikenga Chronicles November 23, 2017

The Importance Of Remi In The Scheme Of Things

— Emeka Ugwuonye

It has always been hard for me to decide to go after any of the little thwarts that attack me on Facebook. Many people were worried that I allowed all manner of people to insult me and call me names. People urged me to make an example with one of them, and I was quite tempted. But I would change my mind and ignore them.

I didn’t want to fight the little people. Some of them work as apprentices at hair dressing saloons. Some are struggling to survive by trying blogging. They have no addresses. They have no money. They are poor and impoverished. They are unemployed or unemployable. So, I didn’t have the heart to fight such people. There would be no victory in crushing them. So, I let it be and that was how hawkers of garden eggs and sachet “pure” water were able to abuse me.

Besides, as a matter of principle, these little people were testing freedom for the first time in their lives. Some of them have been victims of domestic violence and quite adept at fighting their husbands. It was good to allow them to enjoy freedom, even if in an abusive manner. So, I let them be. After all, I knew that intelligent people did not take them seriously.

The entire game changed for me when a senior police officer joined in attacking me falsely. Rey called me fraud even before I ever heard his name for the first time. He wrote that Emeka Ugwuonye was born a fraud. He attacked my parents. He claimed I swindled a woman of 4 million. He said I was a midget. He said he had a picture of my genitalia in his inbox. He had fun at my expense. He called people to come forward and complain against me for fraud. He said I was under investigation and that I would be arrested. Some foolish women danced for him and lifted their skirts for his gratification. And he thought he was a hero.

I laughed at the so-called Uncle Rey. I only conducted a casual investigation on him to discover he is the most corrupt police officer in Nigeria. I smiled. I dug deeper and the man is a born again criminal. I knew this was a case I should take on. I would ignore the little and inconsequential hawkers. But I will teach this criminal police officer the unforgettable.

Uncle Rey is making all this noise just because I cleared my throat. He ain’t seen nothing yet. He is leaving the police soon and he is going to prison for certificate fraud and impersonation. We need to see the criminal in prison.

I will not dignify his lawyer’s dumb letters with any response. I will just make a comment for the Facebook community, which was actually the intended audience for his letter.

Rey-Rey entered one chance. He got away with it for too long. How could a man who didn’t complete secondary school become a senior police officer? How can a criminal be a senior police officer? That’s unacceptable.

Remi was brought down by women. Lol