The Grand Plan To Murder All Residents Of Rivers State

By Ikenga Chronicles April 9, 2018

The Grand Plan To Murder All Residents Of Rivers State

Man’s progression and evolution from isolated individuals, to family units, to communities, and ultimately to nation states, and a global family, have been based on needs. As the needs of man increase, he sees the need to align more with others, or create structures that will address those needs. That was how the institution of government came about, and today, those elected (or selected) to be at the helm of affairs are ultimately charged with the protection of others, and the provision of solutions to the problems facing their people. In other words, when problems come up, it is inherently the duty of the government to work hard and fast to find solutions to such problems.When a government fails to do so, it abdicates its responsibilities.

But in Rivers State, Nigeria, it seems that for the people, the institution of government at all levels has a different mandate. This is because, for over two years, residents of this state, have been battling a very dangerous health hazard. This health hazard is the issue of the thick soot that daily rains on residents, and which they unavoidably breathe in. Affirmed by many to be cancerous and generally unhealthy, the soot has been a constant in state, with no end to its menace in sight.

While citizens continue to wail daily about the increase in respiratory diseases, and the toxicity of the air, the government seems indifferent, or at the most, keen on trading blames. For instance, the state government under Barrister Nyesom Wike, has on some occasions made comments on the issue. Those comments oftentimes reveal a sense of powerlessness, and the heaping of blames on the Federal Government for “playing politics with the situation.” As for the Federal Government headed by President Muhammadu Buhari, sadly, not a word has been said about the issue. It is almost as if he has not heard about the situation. However one plays it, it does not say well of the Buhari government.

First of all, if he has not heard about the imminent death about to befall millions of his citizens, what then does it say of persons like his Minister of Transportation, Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi, whom it is said, has the President’s ears at all times? Did Amaechi decide not to take action, because doing so will save the lives of Rivers people, who are under the leadership of his sworn enemy, Nyesom Wike? If that is so, does it then mean that Amaechi hates Rivers people so much that he is willing to let them die, to prove that he has “dealt” with Wike? Many questions!

Secondly, if Buhari has heard about it, and refused to take action, does it mean that for him, death can harvest all residents of Rivers State for all he cares, after all, majority of them did not vote for him?Has Mr. President decided to “play politics” with the lives of the residents of Rivers State?

While the Federal Government has definitely not shown any form of interest in addressing the soot situation, Governor Wike on his part, has also not shown enough commitment towards eradicating the menace. Even a layman knows that if the Governor shows a steadfast commitment to the issue and leads from the front, then enough attention will be drawn to it, and concrete steps would have since been taken.

It seems then that for all concerned, the decision is to ensure that every resident of the state dies in a few years time. If that then is the plan, one can say that there is a coordinated scheme to murder all residents of Rivers State. The question that should follow is; to what end? And if that is not the plan, why then have those who should take concrete steps towards checking this menace, remained resoundingly silent on the issue?

Ndi Igbo have a saying “he who has been abandoned does not abandon himself”. It is therefore high time the residents of Rivers State stood up and made the government understand that he who has not taken their side, is their enemy, and as such they too will withhold that which the person desperately seeks!