The Good Teacher

By Ikenga Chronicles March 24, 2020

The Good Teacher

— By Iloh Friday Okechukwu

This is surely no time to be sarcastic; nonetheless, it’s a time of reckoning, of stock taking.

The essence of having government, is to solve societal problems; that’s why societies institute government and other institutions. Health is a basic requirement of any society, ancient or modern.

With the coronavirus rampaging throughout the world, as ill-fortune as it, flip the coin, and you would agree with me that it’s now the barometer that measures how responsive and responsible a government is. Gone are the days of mouthing empty and impotent sloganeering “government is on top of the matter”. Not just that, this is a time to work the talk.

Flip the coin again, look inward, reflect deeply, and you realise that this scourge, as bad as it is, is a teacher. It comes with love, too. How? You ask. Okay, let’s go there.

Epidemic generally is like death, e no dey look face. But it’s even fairer than death; in Nigeria now, our rulers no longer travel overseas, no thanks to the vampire, coronavirus. Pregnant wives of our ruthless rulers must now sit their arses down here, in the country, and deliver here. Even though they will still use expensive, private hospitals, but let it be that they inhale the same air with poor Nigerian pregnant women. All of us are in together.

By International standards, the hospitals available for poor folks in Nigeria are at best everything but a hospital. With the virus, with Europe and America having shut down their continents, our globetrotting Nigerian rulers must attend our hospitals in case they are sick and treated with obsolete equipment. What goes around, comes around. Na so!

This virus may have loved us after all; true, it is a scourge; it is a whip, flogging sense into all of, the rulers and the ruled.

Coronavirus is real and deadly; it’s no scam, don’t buy any dummy in the name of conspiracy theory. Observe hygienic and sanitary practices; take to social distancing.