The Futility Of Building Walls Rather Than Bridges

By Ikenga Chronicles December 8, 2019

The Futility Of Building Walls Rather Than Bridges

— Dr. Wumi Akintide

When America under Donald Trump and the Republican- controlled Senate embraces the Third Reich policy priority of building walls rather than bridges, she has lost her moral compass to be called the Bastion of Democracy and the Leader of the Free World.

One day in the new Russia or the new China or the new North Korea that is bound to emerge after the Communist ideology of building walls rather than bridges reinforced by Vladimir Putin, President Xi and Kim Jung Un is vanquished and obliterated, there would emerge a new Ronald Reagan in those countries who would tell America to tear down those those walls.

It is then that America would realize she has been misled and cajoled by Donald Trump and the Republicans who support him.

The picture of the man who has climbed and defied the new walls being built by Donald Trump brilliantly captured by your comment is just to prove to America and Donald Trump the futility of building walls rather the bridges to reconcile nations.

The tiny but embattled state of Israel which is surrounded on all sides by hostile Arab and Muslim neighbors could easily afford to build walls rather than bridges and Highways to link up Israel with the rest of the World.

The awesome nation has resisted the temptation to do that.

What she has done is to be security-conscious like no other country in the World and to do so within the boundaries of what is permissible in a fledgling Democracy that Israel has become.

On my recent Pilgrimage to the Shopping Malls of Java in Jerusalem my team of 45 Pilgrims led by Pastor Agbeja of the CAC Church of North America never for one minute felt we were being watched by the Mossad like they do in Russia as we went around the country like millions of other Pilgrims from other parts of the World do all year round.

You can reinforce and intensify homeland security without building walls.

The powerful State of Israel which relies on Tourism as one of the foundation pillars of its Economy is my proof of that.

All Young and able- body Israelis m, male and female, are statutorily required to serve in the Military. 2 years for females and 3 years for males.

So if any war were to break out, the Israelis would be ready to defend their country at very short notice.

Building walls rather than Bridges is exactly the wrong message for Donald Trump to be sending to the whole World.

You sure get that right, Segun.

The climber on the top of the Trump new wall has done it to prove Donald Trump wrong that building walls like he is doing is not the ultimate solution to stop the influx of immigrants to America.

You can be sure that human ingenuity will overcome or beat it.

Today China which used to believe in building Walls has now opened up following the shinning example of America.

China now competes with America and Britain and France in most of the third World and it now allows immigrants to come to China without compromising their homeland security in any shape or form.

That is the right thing to do not building walls.