The Enigma

By Iloh Friday Okechukwu July 2, 2020

The Enigma

As morbid as death is, the fact that it is the terminus of all creatures, plants, animals and human beings, makes it both fearsome, intriguing and, above all, interesting. Imagine life without death, it would probably have been boring!. Death is the knell that daily reminds us all, wise, fools, poor, rich, insane, sane, tenants, landlords, kings, serfs, old, infants, aboriginal, settlers, “constituted authority”, that we are nothing but mere puff. Sometimes, I look at death and I say, “how good you seem!”.

I have always told people that are around me, that two phenomena marvel me, death and power. And both can be factorised into one, and that is death, for in death there is power. Death is the enigma that creates and swallows enigma.

There is this book l read sometime ago, on the last words people uttered when they were faced with death; they consciously saw death coming, helpless, as all of us would, at the appointed time, made immortal statements of their mortal lives. Popes, governors, princes, war generals, etc; people who were in esteemed and enviable positions succumbed to it, death.

An erstwhile Nigerian governor of one of the states died some days ago, and his burial generated some furore on the part of some persons. Rulers generally, especially African rulers, incurably think that death should respect nobility, stardom, royalty, etc. If not, how would anyone dream or wishes to be buried on a land that is the subject of litigation in a court of law? The deceased former governor’s wife, ex-first lady, was enraged at the incumbent governor, who she alleged did not call or check on her during the pendancy of her husband’s sickness or upon his demise. In response, the deputy governor told her that he called her, but she did not pick his calls. “I’m a politician’s wife and so, I don’t pick calls of unknown numbers”! She went further, “my husband served this state for eight years, good eight years, and should not have been treated this way.” Her arrogance stinks. If an ex-first lady refused to pick a deputy governor’s call, how much would she had treated the call of a faceless commoner while in office?