The Demystification Of Ayo Fayose

By Ikenga Chronicles October 9, 2018

The Demystification Of Ayo Fayose

–Omokoya Fagbami

It is all over the news that the outgoing Governor of our dear State of Ekiti, Peter Ayodele Fayose, is threatening to decamp from the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). To where he is decamping, we have no idea yet. But this seems to be more of an empty threat, based on what is on the ground. Yes, an empty threat indeed.

From the feelers coming in from the streets of Ado-Ekiti, Ilawe, Aramoko, Iyin -Ekiti, Ikere -Ekiti and many other cities of the State, the Ekiti people are solidly behind the PDP presidential candidate, the former Vice President, His Excellency, Atiku Abubakar. They would not follow Gov. Ayo Fayose to any Golgotha. He has been on his own since the APC stole the governorship Elections from the PDP.

Party members and leaders across Ekiti are fingering Ayo Fayose as being responsible for the imbroglio that occurred. They blamed him for the debacle. He was and is still being accused of making it possible for the APC to steal the Election in Ekiti. In fact, many are now alleging, rightly or wrongly, that he was actually secretly working for the APC to ensure the defeat of his Deputy Governor, Prof. Olusola Eleka. Even though, this writer finds this too far fetched, but those are the feelings on the streets of Ekiti.

Many Ekiti PDP delegates to the Port Harcourt Convention disappointed Gov. Fayose. They were smart and perspicacious. They all wanted Atiku and they voted their consciences. They were determined that Fayose was not going to decide for them. Many of them knew he was working for Aminu Tambuwal. They knew he was scheming to be Vice Presidential Candidate . But they were more concerned about the interest of their people and their State.

Many of the Ekiti delegates observed that Candidate Abubakar Atiku paid several visits to Ekiti State. They had opportunity to sound him out. They listened to him. They had questions and queries.They had concerns and worries. They, obviously, were satisfied by the responses of Candidate Atiku. They also noted that he paid more visits to Ekiti State than other Yorùbá States in comparison to other Candidates. So, they were not ready to abandon Atiku as Fayose had directed.

Many party members in Ekiti are very angry with him now. They are barely containing themselves. They are very upset with Fayose’s handling of a number of things. Many stories are going around on how he has disenfranchised party members of patronage. They are upset that he has been too “greedy” and self centered. The common refrains going around Ekiti is “Enìkan kìí jé àwa dé,” or “Igi kan kò leè dá igbó se,” or “Àgbájo owó la fi nsò’yà.” All these Yorùbá aphorisms mean that “We join hands to beat the chest.”

Gov. Fayose has fallen victim of swollen headedness. He has jumped into the pool of euphoria of his popularity. He is constipated of honeyed sycophancy. He is being detached from the reality. He had forgotten that he alone could not be the party. He is forgetting the greatest quality of the Ekiti people – independent mindedness. When they follow you, it is because they believe in you. The moment they stopped believing in you, you become a fish out of water.

Fayose needs to go around Ekiti State and listen to others. He needs to listen to other party leaders. He needs to self deflate and be grounded in the extant reality. He needs to offer a lot of apologies and rectify a lot of mistakes. He is alone right now. He should not be deceived by the appurtenances of office still around him. Many of his aides are agonizing. They are biting their fingers. They are terribly disappointed in him.

The PDP is still very popular in Èkìtì State. But they see and consider Fayose as an impediment to their progress. Many of them really lamented that Segun Oni did not win the APC governorship primaries. They would have voted for him. They are hoping fervently that soon enough, Segun Oni would come back home. Nevertheless, wherever goes Segun Oni, it seems the Ekiti people, regardless of political affiliation, would follow him.

Instead of Gov. Fayose to reach out to his Party’s Presidential Candidate and be a good sportsman, he is pouting and sulking like a baby. He has lost sight of the greater good of the party. He has lost sight of the ultimate goal. He has been blinded by selfishness. He is being driven by an ambition that has become morbid and pathological. He is bereft of clear thinking and level headedness. He just showed that he could never be good enough for the Vice Presidential slot. He doesn’t have what it takes.

So, Gov. Fayose is welcome to decamp. The Ekiti PDP would be better for it. He could decamp to wherever he wants. But he would be a loner. He is entirely on his own. That is what the street is indicating. Many are waiting to celebrate his exit from the Party. They can’t wait to see his back. And if he decides to remain in PDP, he has a lot of repairs to make. He has a lot of errors to correct. He has a lot of leaders to assuage. He has a lot of leg works to do.

Unknown to Gov. Fayose, he has through himself, by himself, thoroughly demystified himself for himself and others. What a pity!