The Death Of Values – When Signing A Budget Becomes A Celebration–Gboyega Adejumo

By Ikenga Chronicles May 7, 2016


When the budget for the year is signed halfway into the year, there definitely are fundamental problems with the capacity of the government that could not prepare a budget meant to become a working document from the first day of the year! It took Buhari’s government from a day towards the end of November 2015 to the 6th of May 2016, to prepare a workable document upon which the hope of their change mantra is to be hinged. Six months went into preparing the document, by an unprepared government.

The National Assembly had the constitutionally assigned duty of scrutinizing the document sent by this President. From the beginning, it was obvious that the document could not withstand certain tests—it was fundamentally faulty.

Muhammadu Buhari, obviously did not read, did not bother to vet, understand even what his government of “change” prepared for him. He simply without checking, proceeded to submit it. Then he read his prepared statement and left!– the act of a very lazy, inept, artless, and incompetent, president.

Four months of bickering and the usual blame game ensued after the National Assembly found unprecedented errors, padding, over-inflated costs which total into billions that just don’t add up. This was followed by the disappearance of this document and the smuggling in of another. Finally, pictures surfaced showing Buhari and his deputy, appearing to be scrutinizing the same document and supposedly educated Nigeria went berserk, praising the act! I shed tears for my country!

There was no ground for showing us what the president ought to have done in the first place, four months before – it is either you are just irredeemable or playing on our intelligence. There was no apparent ground for showing us those pictures, or even praising the act, except of course they think we are stupid! The question is, shouldn’t that have been the very first thing a competent President ought to have done?

My summation is this;

This President is simply too old and lacks the capacity to understand the depths of the tasks involved in being President of the most populous African country in the 21st century.

Today again, same supposedly elite class, the educated Nigerians, some even living in advanced counties are shamelessly and excitedly posting the image of a President signing into law a budget for the year, halfway through into same year! This country is surely cursed!

Ask yourself, a budget that is meant for the year, has just been signed into law, midway into the year, what exactly can such a budget achieve? Ask yourself again, which budget ever, even if passed in the first week of a new year, as most often they were, has ever been fully implemented, let alone the one passed halfway into the year? Ask yourself  and answer truthfully; can a government that clearly lacks the capacity to prepare a workable document, so much so, that it has taken them, half a year to prepare, present and sign a budget into law, be trusted and believed to have the capacity to implement, truthfully , thoroughly and competently, the contents of this budget to the letter?

Nigeria in Ebullition! Nigeria in interregnum! This is not and can never be the change! This is just a “gap in history”; a sad chapter of “the rule of the incompetent”!

When the intellectual class begins to praise the signing into law of the budget of the year mid-year, they have simply surrendered their voices, their humanness, their essence as functional, living, and thinking beings to the dangerous and immoral political class, simply because they lack the courage to say the truth while preferring to rationalize their bad choices.

What has occurred and will continue to occur is a national convulsion with the brain of the land, taken away. There is no more pride, especially when the citizenry has chosen to be a pathetic scrounge of living cadavers.

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