The Dangerous Rigor Mortis Of An Expiring White Supremacy

By Ikenga Chronicles August 23, 2018

— Onyemaechi Ogbunwezeh

My friend Perry Efe wrote in response to a thread on Trump; in which I was involved in, on Facebook, today the 23rd of August, as follow:

“that guy’s bluntness is a way to go in the 21st century global politics especially a country like America. The British had manipulated the world to their selfish interest for centuries, with Trump now the game has changed.”

He meant Donald Trump!

I responded as follows:

“My brother, the game has not changed oooo! Trump is the explosion of the bottled dissensions of White Supremacy. Obama’s election, for the first time, confronted White supremacy with the demographic reality that their brand is dying because the citadels of patriarchy, were being dismantled. White men were becoming a minority in a country they stole from the Amerindians, and built on the backs of Africa slaves.

Trump‘s politics today is not only the rigor mortis of a dying civilization; but also that of an expiring White supremacy. And it is dangerous. The danger lies in what I call Sampson‘s final stand syndrome.

 CNN Reporter Banned From The White House

Jewish religious supremacy went to extreme and incredible lengths, to tell the world that Yahweh; their local god, who was later groomed to the export level by Christianity, was greater than all other gods of their neighbors (see Karen Armstrong on Yahweh being a local god).

It was like a religious version of “my Mercedes is bigger than yours”; which is a symptom of a society with phallic insecurities. By this I mean that it is a symptom of inferiority complex when men or societies measure the size of their penises or dicks. Men do it with their cars–my Mercedes is bigger than yours–or with their trophy wives like Oshiomhole–my wife is more beautiful than yours–, etc.

Societies do it with their gods and their armies. Trump showed that while telling Kim Jong Un that America has the greatest military on earth.

It all goes back to those penile infantilism of our Freudian psychosexual stages; where boys measure their dicks and the length of the trajectory of the pee that their penises can project.

Long story short. The Jews did that with their Sampson final stand narrative.The short version of that final stand narrative is that Sampson was surrounded, captured, isolated and emasculated by the Philistines.

Don’t forget that the story was made to derogate the Philistines as well as project female sexuality as the gateway to death and danger for men.

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In the Sampson story was compressed all the misogynies of patriarchy, its genocidal nature and its savagery of sorts, from the Jewish perspective.It takes a special kind of genius to derogate a people and justify genocide against them, while denigrating womanhood and human sexuality at the same time. That is one of the great geniuses of patriarchy. And that is its danger and the danger of Trump.

Sampson fell in love with Delilah. Jewish xenophobia couldn’t stomach that dalliance with a foreigner. They nominated Delilah as a scapegoat for Sampson‘s emasculation. That is why the story was invented that Delilah asked him for the secrets of his power (read: his manhood).

Patriarchy and white supremacy are xenophobic constructs. They are mortally fearful of the stranger or foreigner coming in to up-end their game, and oppressive control of their societies. They need women as recruits to their own oppression and seek every opportunity to make them Stockholm syndrome addicted masochists. Any woman who challenges that narrative with her life, actions or questions is termed a “bad girl”– a whore or a slut. That is why many racist constructs are fortresses of sexist bigotry and misogyny.

So, the Jewish authors of that story, instead of situating that manhood in his penis, which would have been a very huge and eternal blow to Jewish manhood and pride, were the Philistines to have cut it off, at Delilah’s prompting; they situated his manhood, meaning his strength, in his hair.They said, no razor shall know his hair. Think about what they were not saying: Namely, no razor shall approach his balls!

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For the initiated, it was the penis they meant. But for foreigners, it was the hair at this singular moment.To show you the infinite importance of the penis in Jewish thought of those days as the residence of a man‘s manhood, read Deuteronomy chapter 23: 1:

” No one whose testicles are crushed or whose male organ is cut off shall enter the assembly of the Lord”

Another example shows that to show his total emasculation of the Philistines, Saul order David to give him as bride price for his daughter, a hundred foreskins of the Philistines. See 1 Samuel 18: 25 -27.

See also 1 Deuteronomy 25: 11-12,

“If two men, are fighting and the wife of one comes down to save her husband from the other one, and puts out her hand and seizes his genitals, then you shall cut off her hands; and you shall not show pity.”

All these are testaments to the fact that for patriarchy, Jewish or otherwise, manhood resides in the penis or phallus.And the greatest insult you can pile on a patriarchal man is to call him impotent or ridicule him that he cannot get it up or get a woman pregnant.

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Are you surprised that the Japanese worship the penis and have a festival dedicated to it? Are you surprised that most of the achievements of men like skyscrapers, church towers, rockets are all shaped like penises fucking the sky? These Apollonian achievements according to Camille Paglia were the achievements of men, as history has abundantly shown.

So the danger that this dangerous patriarchy portends for our world under Trump like I was saying, is to be found in Sampson‘s final stand.

Sampson was captured and emasculated. And in one final act of vengeful defiance, he asked to be put at the pillars supporting the Philistine temple; the major architectonic of their power as a people. Once there, he recovered enough strength and clarity of mind to say a final “fuck you” to the Philistines that emasculated him. At that point, he pushed the pillars and self-destructed, committing genocide in the process.

That is the danger that Trump’s emasculated White supremacy portends to human history.

White supremacy has been emasculated by a lot of movements from the suffragettes through to civil rights of the 1960s; to the love revolution of the 60s, the invention of the pill that gave women more powers over their bodies; to the women‘s rights and feminist movements.

 Ordained Masquerade: The Demystification Of The White Man’s Religion

White supremacy has seen that it has been robbed of the pedestals of its manhood. Blacks can vote. Women are freer. Blacks can even become presidents. Gays are marrying and are being accorded rights. All those territories where patriarchy and white supremacy reigned supreme, have all been taken by these movements. White supremacy‘s conceptual eyes have been gorged out. Barack Obama’s election was the knife that did that.

So, Trump’s election was white supremacy‘s Sampson asking to be placed in between the pillars of America’s might; the architectonic of her legitimacy and power.Once there, Trump would like Sampson, when pushed to the wall, press those nuclear buttons, in a final act of vengeful defiance; like a final fuck you to everyone. And may end up expiring and committing a nuclear genocide on the earth in the process.

He is already committing ecological genocide by installment through his vengeful action of pulling America out of the Paris Climate Accord signed by Obama.

That is the danger of an expiring white supremacy married to a belligerent sense of entitlement. That is the Sampson’s final stand syndrome.

Gwazia ndi yard unu

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