The Danger Of Keeping Quiet In Today’s World!

By Ikenga Chronicles January 12, 2020

The Danger Of Keeping Quiet In Today’s World!

–By Tai Emeka Obasi

The world has suddenly become a frustrating, if not completely crazy, space. With social media and satellites all over the place, countries go on a well-structured outlets of lies in name of propaganda. The real scary thing about it is that all countries these days dwell on this propaganda. The United Nations is an entity housed in one big edifice where counties send glib talkers to lie on their behalf.

From America to Iran, across Nigeria to Singapore, everyone lies. The problem hence becomes – who is telling the truth, especially whenever there is international crisis? Take it from me, everyone of the countries involved lies, along with their allies. The skill of discerning the one nearest to the truth lies on visible facts on ground.

Before America killed Qassem Soleimani, a very worrying impeachment process was, and still is, on-going in the world’s biggest democratic nation. The process in the lower chamber of the Congress was nothing but fighting very dirty. Both the American president, Donald Trump and elected representatives of the American people were, and are still, using nasty words unbecoming of a country most countries of the world look up to.

There appears a dagger-drawn obsession from the opposition to have their president impeached.

Carrying this accrimony all over, the Democrats descended on their president for killing General Qassem Soleimani, a proven terrorist. I’m aware that one of the strongest policies of America is never to negotiate with terrorists.

Soleimani was a terrorist with a special reach because he was state-sponsored and given the huge advantage of being in charge of one of the most dreaded military forces in the Middle East. The opposition in America say killing a commander of a sovereign country’s army is way too daring to be considered a genuine war against terror.

But if I recall, a Democrats president in the name of Barrack Obama killed a sovereign country’s president in the name of Libya’s Mouamar Ghadaffi. In same name of fighting terrorism. I didn’t hear the Democrats condemn Obama then. Neither did the Republicans try to impeach him when he went into a sovereign state to terminate Osama bin Laden.

But today, since January 3 precisely, what the Democrats have been doing is to find a way to escalate the fallout of the Soleimani killing and then nail Trump. It has gotten that low in American politics!

What would be left of America’s integrity if they impeached their president for killing an Iranian terrorist? Is the fight to occupy the White House worth that huge tumble?

But despite the pressure, allegations and noticeable lies all over the place, President Trump has combined his wits
and street wisdom, then elements of luck to swim around with all the aces on board.

1. His order to terminate Soleimani was done with unprecedented isolation and precision – no innocent/civilian life was involved.

2. Iran’s retaliation was to deliberately fire to miss. Instead they took deadly aim at a harmless passenger flight and pulled the trigger.

3. Iran’s aim to blame Trump for the ‘accident’ failed completely as expected US retaliation never went.

4. Russia’s pressure for Iran to completely deny and blame the US collapsed after three days as Iran buckled in the face of overwhelming evidences tying their missile to murder, including 82 of their nationals whom they evidently martyred in tune with their terrorist acts.

5. Iranians took to the streets to demonstrate against their government with calls for their supreme commander to step down.

6. The world is condemning Iran for her carelessness and disregard to human lives.

Within the nine-day face-off, any discernible mind would have deduced by now that more truth, much more truth, were coming from Trump and America, regarding the true profession of Soleimani and intentions of Iran in the region.

Unfortunately, the self-styled Nigerian diplomats, most of them sojourning in America, are up in arms, pelting President Trump with unprintable names. They want to re-engineer the American dreams and policies as if only they have access to CNN and western books. Our brothers and sisters see Trump as a racist just because he is all for America with strict restrictions on immigration and immigrants.

Believe me, Trump is not a man I’d befriend with open arms. He talks too much and too loud. Lacks decorum too. Never have we seen an American president so loquacious and ever eager to talk, even where silence is the better option. But given by and large, I’d rather deal with him than an Obama. With Trump I know what he dislikes and steer clear. With an Obama, you never know.

I got a lot of calls and inboxes on this very crisis. I had a lot of oral debates too. And I found out that our world is now a very dangerous village. People are easily deceived with other people’s personal wishes as breaking news. People tell you their personal sentiments as authentic information. When you try to put records straight, they tell you that you know nothing about international politics. Just because you are not buying their Iran propaganda against Trump.

I am not in support of Trump sending any Nigerian home provided he/she is residing legally but I am certain that the tough-talking president is only after illegal immigrants. If he’s tough on Africans it’s only because he wants them to develop their countries instead of abandoning them for America, thereby increasing unemployment in his own country. And on that, I don’t blame him for being patriotic.

But nobody will succeed, no matter how hard he/she tries, in convincing Tai Emeka Obasi that Iran means better than America in any aspect of humanity.

And that is why I decided not to keep quiet, having seen a lot of people being deceived with lopsided reports and ugly insinuations regarding the president of the most powerful nation on earth. If the Democrats have enough grounds to, let them impeach their president.

Trying to con people like me with twisted facts to hate a man I shouldn’t is going fast up the wrong tree. I can bet all the potholes in Governor Willie Obiano’s Anambra that Trump will survive the impeachment and add all the liars in President Mohamed Buhari’s government that Trump will last eight years as American president.

Please my good friends, be very careful with what you believe. Always read deeper to know when you are being sent on wild guesses. Lies can never stand as truth but they can temporarily lead you astray.