The Crippled Man Will Never Beg Again–Ifeanyi Calistus

By Ikenga Chronicles February 16, 2017

The Crippled Man Will Never Beg Again–Ifeanyi Calistus

Governor of Ebonyi state gives N500k to crippled man who was brutalized by soldiers, demands dismissal of the soldiers.

The Ebonyi state born CHIJIOKE Uraku from Ikwo LGA never knew that the day he was flogged and dragged on the ground by Soldiers was the day God had decided to elevate his status in a disguised and dramatic manner.

To me, I derived a lot of lessons from the incident. Napoleon Hill once said ” Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed of an equal greater benefits” whenever we are faced with difficult or disappointing situations, it’s pertinent that we tune our mind to positive mental attitude. Our God makes a way where there is none.

If the crippled man, CHIJIOKE Uraku was not flogged and dragged on a bare ground to the extent that attracted the sympathy of passersby, the Governor of Ebonyi state wouldn’t have known who he is today.
He probably would have still remain in his obscure and miserable life. Today, the whole world know his story. God intended it because it was possible that the soldier would have got away with dehumanizing him if there was no video coverage of their evil act. How God arranged somebody right at scene and at the right time without fear of molestation from the Soldiers points to the fact that God actually planned to elevate the status of the unknown crippled man.

Everything that seems bad that happened to us has certain positive
sides to it. It’s not always gloomy.

Today, Chijioke Uraku the crippled man has rake in gifts, donations and goodwill messages from Nigerians. He still wear his camouflage with his adorable cap. The soldiers had intended to teach him hard lesson but he seems unrepentant.

The humiliation he received from the Soldiers had paved the way for him to dine with kings. He was hosted and rehabilitated by the Anambra State Governor Obiano shortly after the incident. Not long after, the military commanders in Onitsha Anambra state hosted him with gift items and cash donations not forgetting clothing items. The Ebonyi state Governor, Dave Umahi after donating 500,000 naira to the crippled man directed the social welfare department of the state to make adequate provisions for the full rehabilitation of the crippled man, CHIJIOKE Uraku.

My brother, God works in a miraculous way.

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