The Comedy Of A Thanksgiving Governor

By Ikenga Chronicles July 17, 2019

The Comedy Of A Thanksgiving Governor

Dum Syl Aminikpo,

On Tuesday, our governor held another thanksgiving. Haters will say he loves thanksgiving. They will start asking funny questions like ‘is that how to create jobs, tackle security, create room for tourism, blah blah blah.’ Haters! Always asking stupid questions. Haters! 

But we can’t blame them, many of them hardly read the Bible, so they don’t know the importance of thanksgiving. When he gets an award for it, these same haters will complain and ask, ‘how many thanksgiving has he done?’
Our governor, I’m sure reads the Bible. May God bless him. May God bless our thanksgiving governor. Our governor of thanksgiving. 

Someday though, I hope he will get to Deuteronomy 24:15 (‘You shall give the laborer his wages on his day before the sun sets, for he is poor and sets his heart on it; so that he will not cry against you to the LORD and it become sin in you.’) 

Dear Governor, those teachers at ISS and the pensioners will also want to do thanksgiving. Pay them governor, lest they cry out to God. 

You know the rest. 

I know he reads the Bible, the only constraint though is that he reads it in bits, and slowly, because of his busy schedule, thus he has spent more time on the section on thanksgiving. 

But I’m hopeful, dear Governor. I know you’ll get to Deuteronomy someday. Hopefully, your aides won’t tear off that page in your Bible. I hope they won’t. If they haven’t torn it off already.

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