The Church Scandal (Episode 9)

By Ikenga Chronicles April 15, 2018

The Church Scandal (Episode 9)

He woke up in the middle of the night and thought of Nduke. He knew she wasn’t sleeping too. In the instant, he took his mind to the beach side, where they’d been few hours ago.

When he noticed that someone was sitting by the bed, he turned to see who it was. It was Uduak. She’d left the room she was given at the guest quarters to come stay with him. She was reading a bible. Inibehe was amazed when he saw her.

“What are you doing here?” He asked, and sat up slowly.

“You left us at the party and didn’t tell me where you were going, that was disrespectful. You walked in here drained in the rain. I saw you from the quarters.” Uduak said softly.

“You have no right to be in my room simply because you and I are getting married. Get out!” He yelled at her.

“I didn’t come here to inconvenience you, I came for us to pray together for our upcoming wedding.”

“I do not have what to tell the lord about the wedding. If you have what to say to him, do it. But not here. The school chapel isn’t far from here, go there.” He pointed to the door.

He watched her face change to a confused state.

Uduak reached for her umbrella and stood to walk out.

“May the lord forgive you for disrespecting his princess. No man has ever done that.” she said girlishly.

“Get out of my room. Proud brat!”

“I am proud to be the Lord’s child.”


Uduak walked out of the room without looking back. She was proud, arrogant but gentle. The brothers in church called her ‘the holy bitch’.

Being the only daughter of the most popular ash bishop Ebebe Ekpeyong gave her the power and authority to dare and command. She was privileged and could walk away with a lot of misconducts without being asked questions. The only man she was going to bow to was Inibehe, but he was not ready to accept her humility.

She was shaking as she walked in the rain back to the guest quarters.

Inibehe could not sleep anymore. He took his rain coat and took a stroll to Nduke’s hostel.

He knocked on the door just once, and it clicked open immediately. It was like she was expecting him. Her eyes were filled with tears.

Inibehe sensed there was more going on in her heart; The pains of separation.

She hugged him tight.

“My flight is 9am in the morning.” Inibehe broke the silence.

Panic edged her voice up an octave. She was shaking and he had to grip her arm to prevent her from getting out of his arms.
Her eyes were wet and wide, dark orbs.

“You’re still getting married to her?” She broke out in tears. The smell of alcohol flew out from her mouth. She was Obviously shaken.

Inibehe was mute. He couldn’t say anything to her anymore. A horrible thought skated through her mind. She pushed him off and walked to her bed.

“I should have known you were not meant for me before I made that odd with you. You’re getting married to someone else. ”

A loud rumble of thunder made her scared, like she was going crazy.

She began to year her clothes apart, then her brassiere, and then her panties. “Make love to me for the last time!” She said softly.

Lightning flared, making her freckles stand against her pale face.

“We can’t do this anymore.” He whispered.

“Do it now!” She yelled at him. He became embarrassed. He began to unbutton his shirts, while she rushed to his lips.

The rain showed no sign of slackening.

frustration hammered at him, matching the rhythm of the rain.

They made love staring at each other’s eyes. He had noticed the sadness in her face again, and he wished he could kiss them away. The room was as silent as a tomb, only the sounds of their moans was heard for a long time.


As the sky lit again, he knew it was time to leave London.

Uduak and his sister rolled his luggage and to the car, while his elder brother pastor Mfon waited in the car for him. He walked reluctantly toward the car, while he stared at Nduke’s hostel from afar. His heart was broken and he couldn’t imagine how Nduke felt.

Arriving Nigeria was not a thing of Joy for him.

The bishop and his entourage had waited patiently for them to arrive, and when they finally did, he’d welcome his children with a delightful heart.

“We have to pay a visit to Prophet Nathaniel Edem my mentor, he just returned from the U.S yesterday, and he would like to meet you and your fiancé.” Bishop said to Inibehe, holding his hands in excitement. But he said nothing to his father. They all walked behind him like his escorts, but he led the way to to where the cars were parked.
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