The Church Scandal (Episode 6)

By Ikenga Chronicles March 25, 2018

The Church Scandal (Episode 6)

Nduke closed her eyes against the memory that was trying to flash in her thoughts.

Inibehe could feel a swell of passion as clearly as it were happening right now. The lush roundness of her breasts when he’d unbuttoned her dress and pushed up her bra. The heady reaction to his mouth on her tender skin. She’d been so wild. A match to tinder of his desire. Maybe if he hasn’t taken Laurel’s brandy…

He’d wanted her for so long.

He succumbed to primitive urges and claimed her innocence.

He inhaled, surprised to find himself in her body. He couldn’t remember anything after that stunning shock and the incredible, mind blowing pleasure of his own release. He had no idea how he had his bath and wore back his pyjamas.

There was a memory hunting Nduke’s mind all along, while he was making love to her. It was a flash back of the bittered rape experience she had with her foster father when she was still a teenager. He’d molested her over and over again. Until one day, she became suicidal and wanted to kill herself. It was her deepest secret.

Her foster father died in a sosoliso plane crash, his death gave her joy. But she’d thought of her foster mother Irene, who loved her husband so much. He was a pastor, and no one would have believed her if she’d reported that the man who stands on the pulpit every Sunday morning to preach about the lord was her worse nightmare.

Guiltiness hit her like a thorn in her heart. She began to sob softly at the chapel podium. She’d wondered why she had to make love to Inibehe; Despite the sweet, beautiful passion it came with, it reminded her of a sad memory she’d been struggling to let go.

Inibehe had awakened hours later, alone and cramped on his bed. If it hadn’t been for the lingering scent and taste of her, he would have told himself he dreamed the entire scene.

Guilt had been his harsh companion driving through his room that morning.
If he lived to be a million he would never forget the love making he had with Nduke.

Making love to Nduke had hunted him for years, and he felt fulfilled for doing so.

Few days to his graduation ceremony, and his heart trembled again. His graduation was something that he would have been happy for, but he’d wanted it to be prolonged for his own reasons.


A day to the graduation day, Inibehe’s father called that morning. His phone rang several times, but he didn’t pick the call. He kept staring at his father’s name appear on the screen. His mother’s words replayed in his head like a recording.

He reluctantly picked his Father’s call, after he’d missed like seven of it.

“Hello Dad?”

“Inibehe Okoko, I have been calling you.”

His father said boldly.

“I have been busy.” He said casually.

“Your sister, your brother and his wife are on their way to London for your graduation. Your mother will be so proud of you in heaven. Your wedding date has been fixed. We are just waiting for your arrival. I am proud of you my son.” His father said excitedly.

“Thank you.” Inibehe said abruptly and hung the call without hearing what his father will say next.

He wanted to talk to Nduke, he wanted to tell her of his father’s plans for him and how he detests them all.

He strolled out of his room to Nduke’s hostel, and when he got to her frontage, his heart blew a cut.

His hands shook when he was about to knock the door.

Nduke’s school daughter, Serena was ironing Nduke’s graduation gown excitedly. She was white, but almost looked like Nduke. “You’re not gonna leave for Nigeria soon right?” Serena asked Nduke.

“I don’t know yet.” Nduke replied softly.

The door suddenly clicked open, and when they saw that it was Inibehe, there were bright smiles on their faces.

“Pastor Nibe.” Serena called out excitedly.

Inibehe gave a soft smile and said “I call ya name ‘Serena’ I pronounce it fluently. what happens to mine?” They all gave a loud laugh as he fell on the bed.

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Moments later, Inibehe said to Nduke “Can we talk at my place?”

“Is everything fine?” Nduke asked, Inibehe nodded.

They held hands together and strolled back to his apartment.

When he got into his room, she sat on the chair, while he knelt down before her.

“Something is wrong my love. I need you. I want you. I have always wished to spend the rest of my life with you, and I still do.”

She offered him a friendly nod. She probably thought he was renewing his vows and love for her.

Inibehe paused for a long moment and then said, “My father wants me to marry my mother’s god daughter. It was my mother’s wish too. It was what she said before she died. It matters so much to her.”

“So?” Nduke asked almost in a broken whisper.

“The wedding date has been fixed. I never knew.” he said bitterly.

But Nduke’s heart had fallen. Her eyes were soaked with tears instantly. It was as if she knew that he was going to say these things to her and she was prepared for it.