The Church Scandal (Episode 4)

By Ikenga Chronicles March 11, 2018

The Church Scandal (Episode 4)

More than anything in this world Inibehe wanted to be in London as soon as possible. He wanted to get over his mother’s death, and the other issues his family was compiling.

When he arrived his school in Kenley, he inhaled a deep breath and said “Thank you Jesus for a safe trip.”

He alighted from the cab and rolled his box behind him.

There were a lot of things he missed; The smell of RMS, the sound of the chapel bell, and the face of his girlfriend Nduke.

He got into his room that was given to him specially by the school and stood for a moment. He didn’t find it the way he left it. Nduke had helped him clean and tidy up the entire place when he left. He noticed her dress on his bed, he rushed and carried it, inhaling it passionately like it was balm.

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“You’re back!” Nduke’s voice came in from the door. She strode toward him and hugged him tight. “I missed you.” She said warmly. “How was it? the burial?” She asked. He shrugged unhappily and lowered himself on the bed and looked at Nduke directly In the eye.

“The lord has been faithful. Do we have a date for our graduation?”

“Not yet. I heard it’s been postponed in respect of your mom’s death. Most students are gone. The school is scanty. Only few reverends are at their quarters.”

“I am glad I’m back.” He said softly.

Long, slender fingers rested against the skin of his lightly tanned bare arm. Inibehe felt as though those perfectly manicured nails had stabbed his soul. She followed the nails up the arm to his face and discovered the sadness in his eyes.

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“You’re not fine. You will get over her death soon. The lord will console you. I am here.” She said in a deep, pleasant contralto. Inibehe gave a loud sigh and said, “It’s not about mom’s death.”

“Then what else is making you sad?”

“It’s…it’s my dad…” He faltered.

“What about him? Is he ill?”

“He is driving me crazy.”

“I have never had a daddy. But I know they are good people to their kids.” She said mildly.

“He is forcing something on me. They chose my career, they wanna control my life. I am just tired.”

“They want the best for you. I wish I had parents who loved me this much.”

“Are you happy to be here? I mean I met you four years ago and you told me you never liked the fact that your foster mom wanted you to be a pastor just because she felt you could make a good leader in Rhapsody.”

“Now I am happy. Because I’ve met you
and I have known the lord more now. I can lead a church! don’t disobey your parents. You have to make everything possible to make your mommy’s soul at peace.”

“Even at your inconveniences?”


“Even if it hurts you?”

“No. you won’t do anything to hurt me.”

“But what if following my parents heart desire toward me will hurt you?”

“I don’t know. Just know that I am always here for you. I am your friend, your sister and…”

“My lover.” He cut in. “One day I will make love to you.”

“Stop Ini!” She exclaimed. They began to talk about school. She was like no one he had ever met, laughing up at him with bright brown eyes that sparkled with good humored mischief.

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He teased her over her dreadlocks and her beautiful face.

She was bright, witty and incredibly easy to talk to.

She made him think well, she made him laugh deep, honest laughter from the heart. And has hours slipped away, he felt more freely alive than he had in a long time.

She wouldn’t let him kiss her. She wouldn’t let him hug her. Despite his highly reputed charm, she still told him “we can’t do this Ini.” She merely smiled when she said these words to him. “You’re a pastor, what will you preach?”

He thought about her that night, how he was going to explain to her that following his parents dreams was going to hurt her really bad.

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